Most Common Plumbing Problems In Sectional Homes

Sectional Homes Have A Unique Set Of Plumbing Problems

There are many benefits to owning a sectional home. For example, sectional homes tend to be more affordable and easier to custom-build than traditional construction. One of the few disadvantages of owning a sectional home is that these homes have a unique set of plumbing problems. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems that you will find in a sectional home.

Frozen Pipes

One of the biggest problems that owners of sectional homes have to deal with – especially if they live in colder regions of the country – is frozen pipes. This is because the pipes in these homes run underneath the floor (as opposed to behind the walls, as you will find in most other types of homes). This means that the pipes are more prone to freeze when the ground gets cold. If your pipes are frozen, the water supply to your home will be effectively shut off until they are thawed. Call a plumber in your area if the pipes beneath your sectional home are frozen.

One thing to be aware of is that frozen pipes always run the risk of bursting. This is because pressure builds inside the pipe when the water supply is blocked. A burst pipe can be disastrous to your sectional home, causing water damage to your floor and potentially even flooding your home. If your sectional home has suffered water damage as a result of a burst pipe, call a plumbing company that provides water damage restoration.

Leaking Pipes

Speaking of water damage restoration, a sectional home is also uniquely vulnerable to water damage from leaking pipes. Again, this has to do with the typical placement of the pipes in these homes. Because the pipes run beneath the floor, the settling of the house into its foundation tends to put pressure on the pipes. Over time, this pressure will weaken the pipes, causing them to leak. One positive thing about the location of the pipes in sectional homes is that leaks tend to be easier to detect, since you don’t have to go looking behind the walls of the home. If you notice leaking around the floor of your sectional home, call a plumbing company to provide leak repair services.

Some warning signs that your pipes may be leaking – aside from visible water damage on the floors – include higher-than-normal water bills and lower-than-normal water pressure. If you notice any of these warning signs in your sectional home, call a plumber in your area.

Do Not Attempt To Make Plumbing Repairs On Your Own

You might be tempted to think that plumbing repairs are easier to make in a sectional home than in a “site-built” home, but this is not necessarily the case. Plumbing repairs in any type of home should be handled by a licensed plumber, especially if there is water damage involved. With the right help, maintaining a sectional home does not have to be difficult.