Mouth-Watering Traditional Sweets That Will Amp Up Your Wedding Catering Arrangements

Wedding catering is the crux of any wedding function. Guests may or may not remember the wedding decoration, appearance of the bride and groom, but they would surely remember the taste of delectable food items.

Apart from choosing the venue and finalizing wedding vendors, creating and executing a full-fledged and a flavorsome wedding food menu is quite a bothersome task. There are a lot of factors that you must keep in mind when carving a perfect wedding food menu. Some of the factors are guests’ taste, diversity in the menu, presentation, etc.

However, what completes a wedding menu is yummilicious desserts and sweets. India is a country with rich cultural diversity, heritage, and an astonishing variety of food items. Every state of India has some specialty when it comes to traditional sweets. You can take the wedding food menu a notch higher and serve your guests something unique and appetizing by adding toothsome traditional sweets from various regions of India.

To cut down your burden of finding the most famous traditional sweets, we have carved a list that encloses lip-smacking traditional sweets form various regions of Indian which you can inculcate in the menu. If you are going to host your wedding function in Delhi, we recommend you to rope in best wedding caterers in Delhi for managing the wedding catering task. Let’s get started with our list.


Jalebi is probably the crunchiest and one of the most sought after traditional sweets in North-Indian weddings. It is best served piping hot and it can also be served with the milk. The best part about considering Jalebi: either you can include this dessert in the breakfast, and in the main course meal as well.


A milk-based flavorsome sweet that is eaten with utmost pleasure in most of the regions of India. This dish is colossally popular in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra region. Many top-notch dairy brands like Amul and Saras are extensively selling this traditional sweet throughout India.


The name of this toothsome sweet is sufficing enough to bring saliva in your mouth. After preparation, this dish is first kept in the freezer to make it cold, then served later. The real delight of Rasmalai is a spongy and sweet item that is marinated in the sweet liquid solution.


Here we present you the signature dish of West Bengal state. People in Bengal, Bihar, and Assam are crazy for this spongy and utterly appetizing traditional sweet. 

It is prepared in fat-free Ghee, and its low sugar content is the USP of this dish. The intriguing thing is this dish is available in a variety of sizes, taste, and colors. Include this dish to make your guests lick fingers while eating the food.


If you have ever attended a Goan wedding then you must be quite conversant with Bebinca, a cake-like traditional sweet that you will definitely find in every Goan wedding. This is a multi-layered pudding utilized in almost all the key occasions in Goa.

Mysore Pak

As conveyed by the name, this dish is a signature dish of Mysore region. Created by blending the sugar, Ghee, Gram Flour, this utterly toothsome dish is served in almost all weddings of that region.

Badam Ka Halwa

A typical and highly nutritious dish best served in winter weddings as a dessert. This lip-smacking dish is prepared with Almonds that are blanched and prepared in Ghee until it’s getting brown.


We are concluding our list with the most popular traditional sweet of Bihar state. It is a multi-layered and one of the crunchiest sweets that get unfolded when you start eating it.

Include the best dishes from this list in your wedding food menu and make you catering arrangements stand apart from the rest.