Munnar: Ideal Getaway in December 

The surreal beauty of Munnar is so much trapped in my eyes but words always fall short to describe the scenic landscape to others. Though I have been to many such worth praising spots in South India, Munnar is one such special spot that always stays on the top of my list.

Though this place is a tourist attraction around the year, if you ask me, you can only explore the true shades of Munnar in December. When the air is cold and the atmosphere seems to be super fresh, the tea plantations and other elements here offer you a lively feel.

When many parts of the country are shivering in the intense cold in the month of December, I experienced a temperature of somewhere around 14 – 15 degrees here. It is advisable to carry warm clothes as it can often give you chills when you are out there during late evenings or early mornings. I took the convenient way to book a direct cab from Kochi airport to Munnar and I surely noticed the change in temperature while approaching the hill station.

What are the places to explore here?

There are so many places to talk about when we are discussing Munnar. But of course, there are some such places on the list that cannot be missed out.

Echo Point

The first place that I find to be something worth visiting is Echo Point. A serene lake surrounded by the mountains Nallathanni, Mudrapuzha, and Kundala is the special point of attraction here. And about the echo, believe me, it really works. You will find people trying their names echoing back at them and honestly, I also could not hold back myself from doing the same.

Chinnakanal Waterfalls

If you are wondering about what is so special about a waterfall, you should visit this place at once to witness the beauty. There are many more waterfalls within the vicinity but this one with about 800 meters height offers you a magical feel, at least, for me it did. To visit this waterfall, you have to cross a distance of 16 km from the main location of Munnar.

KDHP Museum

If you are a bit of someone who loves to explore history, somewhat similar to me, you should not miss out on the KDHP Museum. It houses antiques that can date as old as about 2nd century or so. Also, a 30 minutes documentary show can be great entertainment for those who have a nag of knowing about the heritage of a place.

Anamudi Peak

I could stop myself from visiting this place when I got to hear about the stories of elephants and the wildlife surviving at its best here. Anamudi, itself means the head of an elephant. 2695 meters is the height of this place and it has the maximum population of Asian elephants. Apart from the wildlife, you can also witness a number of other wild beauty such as the flower Neela Kurinji, which blossoms only once in a year.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

If you wish to explore some more wildlife, you can visit the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. I was awestruck by the beauty of this place, seriously! What will you find here? A range of wildlife creatures can be spotted here such as spotted deer, wild elephant, grey langur, and many more. I took to trekking to experience the beauty of the place to the utmost. While trekking, some of the eminent elements that I came across are Vellaikal Malai, Nanadala Malai, and many others.

Kundala Dam and Lake

If I am asked to make a list of top 10 places in Munnar, Kundala Dam and Lake is the one spot that will surely be there in the list. The lake surrounded by greenery attracts a number of tourists due to beauty and serenity. Taking a boat ride on the lake is something that can offer you extreme peace.

If you book a reliable cab in Kochi for Munnar, a number of times, you can ask them to take you to some of the eminent places. The more you try to know about this place, the more you are going to fall in love with it, the same way how I did.