With the advancement in technology, people who are unhappy with their physical appearance can use scientific procedures in order to alter their bodies. Surgeries are procedures that can be performed using advanced tools. One of the most popular procedures among females is breast augmentation.


Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a procedure via which breasts can be reshaped surgically. This can be done by using one’s own body fat. This method is widely spreading due to its natural results in comparison to breast augmentation using implants.


This natural method of breast augmentation can help people who are seeking solutions to cosmetic issues like:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Small breasts due to genes
  • Decreased breast size due to pregnancy, severe weight loss
  • Undesirable change in the shape, or size or breasts due to aging


Since liposuction is the method of fat transfer, it is necessary for the patients to meet some qualifications in order to qualify for breast augmentation.

This procedure is suitable for patients who:

–          Are at or near a healthy weight

–          Have firm, elastic skin and a good muscle tone

–          Have no serious illnesses

–          Are not prescribed with any medications which may hamper the healing process

–          Are not addicted to smoking

However, there are some limitations to deciding whether one can use their own fat other than implants which is an alternative to breast implants. The deciding factor is two – fold:

–          Whether there is enough fat in the body of the patient to provide

–          Whether or not there is enough breast tissue to store the fat cells when they will be transferred.


People who seek surgeries for body contouring and alteration are aware of the bills of these surgeries. The cost of breast augmentation is pretty high. This is due to the fact that this is not a simple procedure. It is a complex surgery that requires patience.

The fat is removed from the other areas of the body using liposuction. Then those fat cells are purified and undamaged, healthier cells are injected into the breasts to create a fuller, uniform, and shapelier look that is desired. This means you can expect thousands of dollars to cost breast augmentation. The exact cost varies from body to body as every patient is seeking a different shape and size and every body is unique.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that provides natural-looking results in women. It is also important for the potential candidates to track down whether they are suitable for this surgery or not. And, then they should note down whether breast augmentation is financially affordable for them or not as the cost breast augmentation could be in thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

Breast augmentation provides confidence to women who were earlier underconfident with their physical appearance. It can also give a new boost of energy to do things you could not do before.