New Year Gifts You Can have Easily Now

New Year is a special time. To make it even more remembered, it is worth giving your friends gifts that will be a nice gesture. There are many ideas for gifts for friends – they can be small gifts or gadgets that will help them start the coming year. It is also an interesting option to make entering a new chapter of life more pleasant, which is not always easy. Here are ideas for gifts that will please family and friends. This is a diverse combination – in terms of purpose and price. Everyone in this set will find an idea for a gift for friends.

Spending free time together – an unusual gift for friends

Escape Room is a great idea to spend free time for a whole team of friends – especially if there are lovers of puzzles, mysterious traps or seekers of lost treasures among this group. It is a perfect gift for friends – thanks to it you will definitely be able to spend the first days of the New Year.

Cinema subscription – a great gift for a cinema lover, and, a modern idea for any person who is following cinematography on an ongoing basis. The cinema subscription allows for an unlimited number of visits to the cinema. For some time, this service under the name Unlimited is available in one of the largest cinema networks – Cinema City. The price of such a subscription is several dozen zlotys – with 2 cinema visits, the monthly investment pays off. It can be a real hit! The endowed cinema fan will surely be happy.

Active recreation – a gift for friends who like movement

Voucher – this gift for a friend can have a different character, everything really depends on the interests of the person who will receive the gift. On the market there are vouchers for SPA, for personal trainings, for ballooning, boat trips or parachuting. The voucher is a paid card that allows you to use the indicated service or activity. There is also vanilla mastercard that can be presented as a New Year gift.

Gym membership – if your friend is in good shape or intends to start working on his fitness is the perfect gift for him. Or maybe you took the New Year’s challenge together? Great! When you buy a two-person pass, you won’t get out of regular exercise.

Gifts for friends related to interests

Subscription to the magazine – an annual subscription, to your favorite friend’s magazine. Sounds like a perfect gift. It’s a grand choice in the event that you be acquainted with someone well enough to know what they really like. It can be a magazine related to his profession or hobby. Such a gift will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Thealbum of your favorite band or artist – will be a perfect gift for people who love music. It can be a unique release or a new disc. It’s important to hit the tastes of a friend.

A personal gift for a friend:

Photo album – a gift, from the category of, sentimental travel in time. It can be a photographic summary of the year or the whole relationship. The cost of such a gift is not high, and the joy of receiving it can be enormous.

Interesting book – just like a music CD, it’s a perfect gift for a friend if we know his tastes. The selection in this category is huge – thousands of great items are available on the market. It can be a book related to the interests of the recipient or a novelty that has only appeared on the shelves in the bookstore. A good novel will always defend itself.

Organizer or personal notebook – a gift that is perfect for people who want to bring order to their lives from the new year. It is a universal gift – everyone has a need to write something, plan or save their memories from time to time.