Numerous Airtel Prepaid Plans Designed as per User Requirement

One of the premier telecom operators and mobile service providers in the country, Bharti Airtel offers two types of mobile connections to its subscribers, like just every other mobile operator in the country today. The first type is the prepaid connection where end-users can choose from innumerable Airtel prepaid plans to recharge or top-up their connections. The other one is the post-paid connection where users need to pay their monthly bills on time to enjoy continuous connectivity with their near and dear ones and their online friends and associates.

Difference between prepaid and post-paid Airtel connections

There are number of differences between both the types of services where one type is as good as the other. Depending upon the user need, requirement and usage, subscribers need to choose between both the types. Some of the key differences are: –

  1. In case of the prepaid connection, the user needs to pay in advance for services that he has still not used but wants to enjoy. In the other case – that of post-paid – users pay only after they use the services of the internet service provider.
  2. There is no fixed monthly rental fee in case of the prepaid connection. Users pay for as much as they think or perceive that they will use. There are many Airtel prepaid plans that give full value worth services to users while there are other plans where users get to utilize partial value of the recharge amount. With no rentals, recharge plans work out to be less expensive than the other format where the monthly bills include a rental fee that users must pay irrespective of whatever their usage have been.
  3. With prepaid connection there is a flexibility that is not associated with the post-paid plans. Users can recharge for a day or a week or a month or a year, as per their convenience and wish. There is no mandatory plan that they must be associated with. So, if your data usage for the time being is more, you can accordingly choose a plan and if your calls are more than you can go in for a full talk-time related plan. In case of post-paid, the plan is fixed, and one can change the plan only after due application and approval from the service provider.

As compared to the post-paid plans of any cellular operator the number of recharge plans is always more thereby providing their prepaid clientele with more options to choose from. Before proceeding with your recharge, it is advisable that you research well and get information about all Airtel prepaid plans, suitable to your needs.

In order to gain more information about recharge plans, you can either visit the official Airtel website or download the Airtel App and browse through the recharge plan page. Else you can use the services of online payment aggregators, authorized by Airtel to collect payments on its behalf. Some of the popular online resellers of Airtel are Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. The good thing is that you can get your recharge done from these resellers instantly after choosing your preferred Airtel prepaid plan.