Old Things at Home You Can Sell for Extra Cash

When was the last time you did general cleaning at home? If it’s been a while, you have to do it now. You will then realize that your house has a lot of old things you no longer need. They end up untouched in various containers. You have to determine if you still need these things. If you don’t, it would be an excellent idea to sell them and make a profit.


Check your shelves for old books that you read a long time ago. Although a lot of people have e-books, others still prefer reading paperback books. You can sell them online, and you might find a lot of potential buyers. Another option is to look for sites that purchase old books in a bundle. Amazon pays for old paperbacks and college textbooks in exchange for cash or gift cards. Once you sell them off, you will have extra space on your shelf for new books.

Gift cards

You usually ignore gift cards if you’re too busy with work. Whether it’s for a spa or a hotel room, you decide to use it later. The problem is that gift cards have an expiry date. If you can’t use them before they expire, it would be a waste. You can sell them at a low price and allow someone else to benefit from them. You got these cards for free anyway. You won’t mind selling them for a small profit.

Old car

You also have an old car that sits in your garage. You don’t intend to repair it any time soon considering the cost. The problem is that if it stays there for a long time, the repair issues will begin to pile up. The best option is to sell it to junk car buyers. They will offer a reasonable price for the vehicle you’re not using anymore. It still has valuable parts that they can sell.


How many times do you buy new clothes a month? Sometimes, you find clothes with lovely designs, and you decide to purchase them right away. It’s even easier if you do it online. The problem is that upon the arrival of your order, it doesn’t look great on you. You have over a dozen of them in your closet, and it’s best to sell them.

Sports equipment

You used to play competitive sports, but you’re no longer doing it. If you don’t intend to play again soon, you should let someone else use the equipment. If you’re not willing to let go, you can offer rental services. Sports equipment comes with a huge price tag, and some people are willing to pay a low price for used equipment.

You don’t have to let these old things collect dust at home. Let them go and make money from them. You will also have more space at home. It should also be a lesson that you shouldn’t keep on buying new things you don’t need.