Pallet Racking Systems-All You Need to Know

Proper storage is critical for any business. IF you deal with consumer goods, you need the right storage system and ample space for storing your inventory. Pallet storage systems are great storage solutions designed to keep materials on pallets and skids. Pallet racks Malaysia come in different varieties and allow easy storage of palletized goods.

Why use pallet racking systems?

Pallet racking systems are great storage solutions. They are ideal for companies dealing with fast-moving consumer goods. Storing materials and finished products in an organized manner and is essential in time-saving. It saves time when finding stored items. These storage systems come with numerous gains;

  1. Different materials

Pallet racking systems are available in different materials. You will get them in galvanized steel, wood, plastic, and many other materials. Steel pallets are popular and are favored by many due to their robust nature. 

The right type of rack is determined by the kind of products and materials that you wish to store. If you often handle bulky items, you need a sturdy pallet rack, and steel would be ideal. The price or your pallet rack will also vary depending on the size and materials used.

  1. Easy access/Time-saving

Pallet storage systems provide easy access to fork lifters. They enable easy access and movement of stored materials and products located on different shelves and racks. Moreover, arranging items on the shelves is quite simple. With the right pallet racking system, employees can also locate products and deliver them without delays.

  1. Space-saving

Pallet racking systems from Eonmetall Group  are easy to install, and you can assemble them without the help of an expert. . In most cases, the service provider connects the racking system at your warehouse. They ensure safe storage of inventory, and they don’t occupy a lot of space. You can install them in a small area without crowding your space. 

What are the types of pallet racking systems?

There are three main types of pallet racks. These include;


  • Selective pallet racking systems 


Selective pallet racking systems are versatile and can store maximum materials. They allow easy access and can be easily accessed by forklift trucks. 


  • Cantilever racking systems


These pallet racks are ideal for materials like timber, sheeting, furniture, steel, or piping. They can be single or double-sided and can be custom made to fit your requirements.


  • Drive-in racking


These racking systems are most suitable for storing high-density goods. They help in lowering warehouse storage costs since they utilize space efficiently. They are commonly used for cold storage and general warehousing.

Final thoughts

You’ll get pallet racking systems from different manufacturers. They come in distinct designs, shapes, and cost. Choose your racks deepening on the type of products that you wish to store. Most manufactures offer customization services, and you can as well take advantage of that. Shop smartly and acquire your pallet racks from a legitimate manufacturer.