PKV Games and the Smartest Choices for You

PKV is a game in which small arrows are thrown by players on a target set by a wall. Appeared centuries ago in the British Isles, the game was known in various variants. At present, PKV occupy a well-deserved place among the most popular sports in the world and have very strict rules. The game is loved by players in pubs in the UK, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the United States and others. Although it is practiced, rather, at amateur level, this does not prevent the desire to try their luck at pkv games betting.

We will take them one by one and discuss them in the following.

What are the most common types of PKV bets?

Before you bet on PKV, it is recommended that you do a thorough documentation to see what betting options you have. So here are the most common types of PKV bets:

  • Winner of the match (1 × 2) is the option that refers to who will win the match, and in general, the draw option is valid;
  • Match winner (12) refers to a bet like Draw No Bet (in which the stake is reimbursed in case of equality);
  • Exact Score Aim the score at which the match will end (3: 7, 7: 0, 6: 6);
  • Total rounds over / under (usually the line is set to 10.5);
  • 170 Checkout in the match in general, we can bet if there will be a 170 Checkout, but also on the athlete who will win;
  • Tournament winner bet on the player who will win the competition.

As a rule, these PKV betting options are available at most online betting agencies. There are also online bookmakers that have several variants of PKV bets such as:

What odds do PKV have?

It is true that PKV are part of the niche sports category, but this does not stop us from betting especially if we know we have high chances of winning.

How to properly analyze a PKV match

In order to perform the most accurate analysis of a PKV match in order to take advantage of the winnings of PKV bets, you must first analyze the history of the two opponents who will compete in the competition.


The main asset that all performance athletes have or should have is self-confidence. If a player has a series of won games this will automatically increase his confidence. Precisely for this reason, morality plays a very important role that can influence the results obtained. Therefore, self-confidence should be at the highest levels in order to have high chances of success. We all know that a small inaccuracy can affect the game. Another aspect that you should consider in the process of analyzing the PKV match is to check a statistics of the opponents in the televised tournaments, as well as the non-televised ones. Although some players are relaxed when they know they only see the participants in the room, when the match is televised and watched by millions of people, they become more agitated and find it difficult to concentrate.