Play poker to win with the help of cheating devices

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If you are into poker then you will be aware of different cheating devices that are used in the game in the first place. It is the very reason why it is always advised to keep your eyes and ears open when playing poker. The game of poker nowadays has been infiltrated by different forms of cheating devices. Like for example every now and then players use marked cards in order to keep track of the cards in the game. Marked cards are if different kinds like the ordinary ones which are visible to the naked eye provided you know where to look exactly. These ordinary ones include techniques like cut out where there is an etching carved in the cards with a craft knife. Then there is the print out one where there is a special small print on the back of the cards. Apart from that you can also have block out type where the patterns on the back of cards to firm some different pattern in the first place. 

The most sophisticated form of cheating in poker

Now if you come to the more advanced technique of marking cards you will need to turn to the invisible ink marking cards. Invisible ink markings are not visible to the naked eye rather need special infrared lenses to see the markings. Another type of specialized card marking technique includes a special type of Invisible barcode on the cards. This type of cheating technique needs a special type of analyzer that can actually read the barcode then analyze it and then only can send in the information to your smart lenses as well. One if the most common analyzer in this technique is iPhone X Analyzer Texas Holdem. It is efficient as no one suspects it and also because it is much more easy to place on the poker table for Analysis.

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