Positive Leadership Outlook Needed for Business Fight Back from COVID-19

Never before have business leaders faced a fight back in business as widespread as the one from COVID-19. Business success and economics are now colliding to frustrate the performance recovery. While support and guidance from business mentors can help, positive outlooks are needed by all in business as a strategic competitive advantage to assist with business recovery.

In sports, when a team is losing a match very badly, the team captain and the coach must lead the team and inspire them to believe they can win. Without this crucial change in group psychology, the team will not perform and take the fight to the opposition. It does need the captain and the coach to be aware of their own morale and lendthemselves to positive leadership.

 How Does This Translate to Business?

Any business mentor will tell you that in business, the leadership must harness and combine the efforts of their entire business team, including themselves. Leaders must move themselves and their team to fundamentally understand that each must become positively aware, and that each person must mutually support their team members as well as the leadership. All must work on improving positive morale of themselves and any team members they directly interact with. They need to facilitate the same positivity at home as well. 

Steps for Improving Morale

Business can be rebuilt with individual and corporate positive mental attitudes. This will act as a buffer against further downward cycle of business morale, particularly as continuous bad news is coming in from all directions. Negativity is seriously self-fulfilling. 

Unfortunately, the current reality of the market and economy cannot be avoided, but tackling the business and its fight back is more likely to succeed with a significantly higher team spirit and positive mental attitudes from the whole team,including all leaders in the business.

Improving the morale in the business can start with small steps:

  • Make all communication positive
  • Online meetings must be positive with positive body language, e.g. smiling
  • Start positive conditioning through reading positive business books, e.g. The 5 Rings for Executives
  • Focus your team on long term business success
  • Ask for and implement any short-term wins that the team suggests that make sense
  • Ask for short term focus by each person on critical tasks to get wins
  • Look to your business processes and look for critical changes that ought to be made (this is an area where business mentoring can be beneficial)
  • Increase the quality of contact with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Actively look for and feed your organisation with good news
  • Keep criticism to an absolute minimum and increase diplomacy and good manners
  • Thank people for their contribution and single out any outstanding performance, including those great at positive behaviour and communication
  • All of the team, including the leaders, must learn to focus all of their attention for short periods of time to condition their subconscious and calm themselves, helping to reduce stress and repair their confidence so they can start to feel their own positive outlook improve

Business mentors and coaches are also helping to facilitate the positivity of business leaders in their business mentoring sessions.