Proper Maintenance of The Garage Door

To enter a home or to leave a home, the most commonly opened and the closed door is a garage door. It is said that on average a garage door will be opened and closed at least 1500 times per year. As people open the door daily, it is important to make sure that the garage door is safe, reliable, and even efficient.

So it is better to get the garage door get serviced by big pine key garage door services where top quality services will be provided and along with service other benefits will also be there.

Things to consider when deciding on garage door servicing

  • The door should open without the help of an opener even from the outside for it to work properly.
  • If there are windows for the garage doors then there is the possibility of broken glass which should be repaired.
  • When the garage door is being opened or closed if there are unusual sounds like clicks, whines then it is time to get the servicing done.
  • The door should close completely without any issues.

Some basic problems with garage doors

  1.   Noisy doors

Routine and regular maintenance can fix this problem. If not changing the hinges can do the work.

  1.   Frozen doors

Using a heat gun or hairdryer can make the ice melt that is stopping the garage door from opening automatically on cool winter days. If the case feels severe then it is better to call big pine key garage door services.

  1.   Broken Glass

A garage door with broken glass has to be repaired immediately as that is a security risk and there is a chance that birds and insects can enter the garage easily through those gaps.

  1.   Safety issues

If the garage doors are not maintained properly, there will be a risk as they weigh hundreds of pounds.

  1.   Faulty Door Opener

Even though there will be a front door to the home, many people enter the home using garage doors as everyone has vehicles these days. So the automatic door openers that open the garage with a press of a button should work always.

Tips to make sure the garage door is maintained properly

  • Clean and examine the rollers and tracks and lubricate the rollers and axles. If the rollers don’t operate smoothly, replace them immediately.
  • The screws and bolts are to be tight and secure.
  • All the cables and pulleys that are worn out have to be checked and replaced immediately.
  • Check the door balance if it is opening with minimal effort or not. If the opening is hard, check the springs and change them by reaching out to big pine key garage door services.
  • Check if the auto-reverse function in the door opener is fine or in the worst-case change the springs in the door opener as it will very risky later.


When a garage door is properly maintained, then it can last more than 50 years according to a few research sites. But if they are neglected there is a chance that fails after 10 years only. And many people even change their garage doors simply as they want a new look.

Regular maintenance and service should be given to the garage door as there are many risks with that if there is an issue with the screws and bolts.