Recommendations to Choose your Garage Door

Increase of High Technology Products

The increase in remote controls on electric garage doors since the mid-1990s, together with the increasing value of 4 × 4 vehicles and cars in general, has driven the requirement for safer and more specified garage doors, with a multitude of different designs, sizes and complex mechanisms available, so that the choice can be difficult for the homeowner.

Homeowners have come to rely on increasingly high-tech products to protect their investments in the home, and garage doors are no exception. Garage doors SD recognize that most garages now seem to be used for activities other than the storage of a vehicle, such as a gym, workshop, games room, office or general store and this has driven the need for doors garage with more insulating properties than ever.

Do Not Base Only on the Price

Prices vary mainly depending on the material and size. One possibility is the doors produced in aluminum or steel with laminated finishes developed recreating very realistic wood effects.

Factors such as insulation, glazing, factory finishes, or special sizes help increase the price, but one tip: be careful with a “cheap” garage door because it can have too large items or cheap parts, insufficient panel hardness or an engine with low power, which is especially relevant in hinges and other security elements of garage doors

Choose the Right Material

The Materials Generally used are Steel, Wood, and Aluminum

With the wooden garage doors, you get a huge variation in the price with different species of wood, and the most common types are usually cedar, Idigbo, oak, hemlock, iroko and larch wood. Sometimes the material we need for our garage door is dictated by the exterior of the house, local planning regulations or maybe even the location. For example, if we live in a coastal area it would not be a good idea to use a steel garage door that is prone to corrosion, especially when we are constantly exposed to salt water. An aluminum garage door will be a better option, as well as certain types of naturally resistant wood species.

If you prefer the appearance of wood, but do not have the time or desire to maintain a garage door, then you may consider placing a steel area above and above or a sectional door with a laminated wood finish, now available in a great variety of colors.

Take into Account the Operating Mechanism

Many people choose the garage door because of the design and size but have little in mind how the garage opening may or may not work. The operating mechanism on which your garage door is based (sectional, roller, awning, side hinges) depends a lot on the space available inside and outside the garage.

If you have a narrow garage and you have limited space near the entrance, then it is better to buy a roller door instead of a one-piece door. If your garage has a low roof, you may want to consider the doors with side hinges instead of a sectional door, since the latter requires a bit more height. Garage doors with side hinges have huge benefits for regular-use garages, since only one side is opened to enter and exit, like a normal door. Don’t forget to check the garage door sizes carefully to make sure they fit well with the garage door opening.

Reliability and Maintenance

Most modern garage doors really do not require much maintenance, even wooden doors properly treated before or in the installation can have a protection that requires only cleaning. GRP garage doors and Upvc doors are virtually maintenance free, just keep them clean. Side hinged doors and sectional doors are usually galvanized and painted with modern techniques and paintings that last a long time. And a good quality wooden garage door can last a very long time

Security Mechanisms

Door safety mechanisms require attention, especially if the door is used very frequently or if you live near the coast where the corrosive effects of salt water can cause problems if they are not checked. Regular lubricant, regular cleaning and regular checks of moving parts are recommended. A remote-control garage door is considered a “machine” in legal terms so it is obvious.

On the issue of security, for example, San Diego garage door repair have a multitude of security mechanisms. This is the case of San Diego garage door repair that have certified safety techniques according to European standard.

In garage doors SD we sell different systems with tilting, sliding, sectional or roller doors and with all the components of the same manufacturer, garage doors SD, which certifies these combinations. Our specialists will advise you the best choice for your garage.