Renting a Jeep: The Ways You Can

How to rent a jeep in USA? If you are looking for experiences, tips and recommendations this post is for you. We have been living in USA since 2004, so we have some experience driving in USA and also renting, because for work we usually rent many jeeps throughout Europe, especially in USA. So we wanted to share with you the best tips and experiences to rent a jeep in USA without dying in the attempt.

The first thing you have to know is that getting around in a jeep in USA is one of the most beautiful experiences you can do as long as you take some precautions. Let’s see:

Rent online or directly at the office?

One of the most frequently asked questions: is it better to rent online or dowehope to rent directly at the box office? 

The answer is always the same: it is best to book online! And well in advance. 

  • Why? Because jeeps are much sjeepcer than hotels, or excursions. Thousands of tourists arrive daily at the main airports and train stations in USA and therefore the jeeps (especially in summer) run out quickly. Another myth that must be completely eliminated is to think that by renting at the moment they will be able to find better prices, it is precisely the opposite! When you book online you can calmly search, compare offers, see several companies. With the Jeep Wrangler rental this is important.
  • When they are at the counter, in the middle of an infinite row of people, perhaps in the afternoon, worse if at night, they do not have many options to choose from. It all comes down to rent or run out of a jeep? They know it, and they won’t give you anything. 

Also if you find a jeep they are usually large and more expensive. Jeeps are in short supply so much that on several occasionseven with reservationthey didn’t have any jeeps to give us! Amazing happened to us the last time, a Friday afternoon in late May. Luckily the online jeep rental company found us at the same price another jeep, but we had to go from the airport to the city center. Can you imagine if we had not booked in advance? Definitely my advice and my experience is to book online in advance. You will not regret.

How to find better prices, cheap jeep rental?

There are many variables that influence the rental price, let’s see the most important for renting cheap jeeps:

Collection point

In my experience jeeps usually cost less if they are removed at less tourist points in the city.weexplain myself, if you are looking to save a little, it is better to remove the jeep in the city center than at the airport or at the train station. There are many withdrawal points depending on the company they hire, so we recommend you look for prices from each withdrawal point. In the following photo you can see a map with the jeep rental points in USA. As you can see the most popular points are the airports and USA is over, but you can actually rent in other places in USA.