Replacing The Pontiac Radiator: A Few Points To Remember

Did You Know That Pontiac Is No More?

With the last Pontiac coming off of the assembly line in January 2010, this classic finds itself very much on the road as a daily use vehicle as well as a coveted classic or antique car. If you need to replace your Pontiac radiator there are some considerations you should review before heading to the marketplace. You’d think that the purchase would be simple – a matter of selecting the make and model and clicking on the corresponding radiator. As you will read below, it is important to use a trusted auto parts dealer in helping you make your decision.   You don’t have to hit the field completely green, however a little research goes a long way.

In Case You Didn’t Know…

The radiator is a part of your car’s engine coolant system.

How It Works

Here’s the short version – a liquid coolant is added to the radiator and forced air passes through. The coolant works with the air to cool down your engine. Then the air is expelled through the exhaust.

If all things were equal, copper is a better material for cooling than aluminum based on its elemental properties. But all things are not equal, so while copper may be better it is also heavier. As a result, radiators made from the typical copper-brass alloy are typically heavier. Due to their lack of strength more of the copper-brass alloy must be used for the radiator tubing- the thickness of the tubing walls must be increased to compensate for its lack of strength. You will find the Pontiac radiator is typically made from aluminum (but not always).  Experts in the field will tell you that some manufacturers prefer the brass and copper But there is also always a trade-off due to the strength of the metal.

Is It True

Make certain the radiator is a true match for your vehicle. Unfortunately, with the Pontiac many auto parts dealers try to substitute a radiator which was made for another make, (i.e a Chevrolet). They are allowed to do this if they make some modifications for the switch. It is always better to get exactly the model that you need for your particular vehicle so make certain to get a Pontiac replacement as opposed to a replacement that will just work. 

Always Use A Professional

Today it’s simple to go on the Internet and find a “how to video” where you can actually view someone replacing their very own radiator. Despite how easy it may appear to be – do not attempt this. Always use a professional to install. A faulty job can lead to irreversible damage to your radiator, motor and other crucial engine parts.