Rules and Regulations for Getting a Dependent Visa in Dubai

There are so many business start-ups that have been established in the landscapes of the UAE. You get 0% tax on personal and corporate income. It is considered one of the most popular centers for international trade and business. The UAE is one of the most thriving locations for earning a huge salary in employment and profits in trade. So why wait? Fly to the best locations in Dubai to improve in life and career.

However, it is necessary to get an entry permit from the UAE government. The first thing is to apply for a UAE visa and enter the great destination. And it is evident to convert an entry permit to the resident visa holder.

There are income criteria for every employer and employee. We must earn AED 4000 or AED 3000 to apply for their dependents. Hence, the dependent visa application can be done on the online website through a registered office.

Entry to Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the most leading international trade centers. Both Employers and employees worldwide are making their way to get entry to Dubai. If you want to get an entry permit in Dubai, you need a valid UAE visa. After completion of 60 days in Dubai, the temporary visa holder becomes a permanent resident visa holder.

When a person becomes a permanent visa holder, they can bring their family members and other important people to Dubai. The dependents can get entry to the UAE after the completion of the online visa process. You must consult a registered office to get the dependent visa of your family members.

How to change the status?

When the entry permit activates, you can change your status to different levels. There are three different levels of status that are listed below:

  • In-country status- You can choose the in-country status change that requires the applicant’s passport. The UAE immigration department will activate the visa and put a stamp on your passport.
  • Out-county status- you can also opt for an out-country status change. You can make a visa application when you are out of the country. This process can be enabled via the internet. The UAE gives the permit for entry to Dubai. The visa is activated with accurate legal formalities.
  • Border run- The entry permit can be given in borders. Here the person can immigrate by land, and the immigrant official will activate your visa by putting the UAE immigration stamp.

Value of a Dependent Visa in Dubai

The dependent visa prices are different in different regions in the UAE. And the price depends on the type of dependents such as staff, wife, spouse, children, and parents. You can sponsor anyone with a valid UAE visa.

So if you are planning to get a dependent visa, you must pay AED 2000 per dependent. And the annual fee is AED 100 or AED 200. For more information, you must check the online website. All details are given in steps. You can also apply for the dependent visa Dubai.