Running out of gift ideas? Try an umbrella

This is a story of how I discovered something that fills my heart with mush every time. Picture this. A busy street of New York, just a few blocks away from the ever bustling Grand Central station. Skies, full of dark clouds that are about to burst any time. That’s where I first clapped my eyes on my beloved. 

But alas! Before I could say “hi” to her, down came the crispy rain. Rushing to take cover under the bus stop nearby, we looked at each other and smiled. 

Year on into the relationship, the anniversary of this lovely event came up. Now usually I love giving gifts and never run out of ideas to wow someone with my choices. But this time, it was different. This occasion was special. I rummaged through the memories of her trying to shield herself from the downpour. That’s when the perfect idea for a gift hit me. A clear umbrella.

What more can be perfect to be given as a present than the mark of our first meet? As I handed over the wrapped box and she opened it, her face lit up, the same way it had on that rainy Wednesday.

One doesn’t give enough credit to the creator of the clear umbrella for coming up with a tool of protection as well as affection. Not only that, the umbrella has become a style statement nowadays with colors and patterns that grab eyeballs. Here’s a few reasons why (or how) the good old brolly can put a smile on anyone’s face:

  • People love brisk rains. But when it comes to downpours, a sturdy umbrella can be a savior. Splashing through the street as the skies drizzle upon you can be someone’s movie-worthy moment.
  • An umbrella as a gift shows someone truly cares for you. After all, one can just pull a brolly out of a stand and rush out into the rain without any fear of getting drenched.
  • The sheer number of options in umbrellas is insane. White, black, clear, multicolored, inverted, bubble, sunshield. You can even get them customized from online shops, to add that extra kick to your gift.

Yes, for a loved one an umbrella can be a one-time gift. But the impact it will have will be there with you for a lifetime. After all, it’s not about the rain, it’s about the memories. Cheers!!