SEO and More in the Digital World

Certainly the spread of digital systems has favored the development of such an economic model. Google uses the same. In fact, online it is possible to find practically anything, in any sector, in any niche and for all budgets.

Long-tailed keywords – keywords long tail

In SEO optimization this principle can be reported in keyword research strategies. In fact, dry keywords, more generic, composed of 1 or 2 words can offer very high search volumes, but the competition on those keywords will also be high. Consequently it will also be more difficult to get good placements.

Instead going into more detail down to the narrowest niches, it will be possible to find long-tailed keywords, more specific, composed of 3 or more terms, with smaller search volumes, but also closer to the real needs of the users who carry out the research . Therefore more inclined to conversion. From Digital Agency in Thailand this is important now.

Keyword research tools

The search for the most suitable keywords for our business can be conducted in different ways. For example, simply by searching on Google and checking how many and what results it returns.

We could write down the keywords of the tool “Suggestions Google”, i.e. those words suggested, in fact, as we type something in the search field. Or we could take note of the words indicated below after the SERP, called “Related Searches”.

These “manual” operations will already give an idea of ​​the interest and potential competition around a given topic and also of how users search for information related to that topic. For the Thailand SEO you can expect the best.

Search for keywords with seo Google tools

Google keyword planner

  • One of the most used systems in SEO optimization practice to find keywords is certainly the Keyword Planning Tool.
  • Adwords keyword planner finds the keywords searched by users who click on Google’s paid sponsorship announcements.

In addition to providing data on the search volumes of the individual keywords searched by users, Google’s Keyword Planner suggests other keywords similar to the one sought or related to the main topic of the research.

In choosing the keywords to use for our strategy, it is important to plan the use of both long-tailed and more generic keywords. The set of selected keywords returns an idea of ​​the potential traffic that a website could intercept.

Keyword tools

Online there are many keyword search tools. The principle is essentially the same. Each of these software, given the insertion of a main keyword or the address of a reference website, returns a list of similar words, related or with the same search intent.

This list must then be skimmed and the most useful keywords for the SEO optimization strategy that we will follow must be chosen, even in this case.