Settling Your Car Accident Claim Out of Court: What Is It for You?

The majority of personal injury claims get resolved outside of the courtroom. The parties involved may prefer to negotiate and reach a settlement. But, in some instances, it can be essential to go to trial, so you can pursue the full value of your claim. Injury attorneys Huntington Beach can represent you and fight for your right to full compensation.

Reasons a Lot of Injury Cases Settle

A personal injury case can be settled when both parties reach a settlement that they find fair. Should the case go to trial, the case will be decided by a jury. Going to trial is both time-consuming and expensive, so a settlement is usually a more cost-effective option for most insurance companies. 

Once both parties recognize what could happen if they lose, they may decide to settle. When the defendant loses, they could be ordered by the court to pay a higher amount of compensation than what both parties could have agreed on in negotiations. Also, the case could get dismissed at a trial, leaving the victim without any compensation for their damages. 

Benefits of an Injury Claim Settlement

Both parties can benefit from settling an injury claim out of court. First, the trial can take years to start. Settling a case outside of the courtroom can afford the victim fair compensation and ensure they can resume their normal life quickly. Also, there is no way to foresee the amount the court may award to the victim. Some victims may not get anything from a trial. Lastly, settling a claim out of court can keep the names of defendants out of public records. 

What Happens at a Trial?

If both parties cannot come to an agreement, the victim’s attorney can advise them to take the case to trial. They may need to wait for months to have a trial date. The insurance company may continue to make an offer to the victim before the trial date. 

At the trial, the attorneys of both sides will present the evidence they have collected. Also, witnesses will be requested to testify. After all cases have been presented, both attorneys will issue closing arguments. Then, the jury starts deliberations, which may take hours or months. 

If you have suffered injuries in negligence-based accident, you should speak with a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. A great attorney has a proven track record of getting compensation through a settlement or trial.