Sewer Repair Services in Orange County

A clogged or damaged sewer pipe can be quite stressful. If a sewer line is damaged, it can back up into your drains and become a serious mess. To avoid this situation, you may need to hire a licensed, professional sewer repair expert such as Do It Right Plumbers in Orange County to diagnose the cause and solution for your clogged sewer lines. They are experienced and can provide a variety of options from clearing your sewer lines to replacing them without having to excavate called trenchless sewer repair. They also offer hydro jetting which uses high pressure water to break up any clogs, as well as, sewer camera inspections that uses a small video camera attached to a flexible line that can create a video inside of your sewer pipes.

How to know if your sewer line needs a repair? 

What are the conditions that indicate a potential sewer problem that is need of repair? Finding a sewer repair problem in its early stages can save you the cost of more expensive repairs down the road.   Below are some of the signs to help you identify if you are in need of some type of sewer repair services.

  • If you find that one or more of your drains are backing up frequently and don’t easily clear when you try to flush them with chemical or physical clearing methods especially if a clog in one drain produces a backup somewhere else like in your toilet.
  • If you notice pools of water or sewage in your yard that have no obvious cause related to your water pipes or drainage.
  • If your toilet flush or drains makes a gurgling sound indicating some type of blockage or problem with the flow of water down your drains.
  • If you notice a strong smell coming from one or more of your drains.

Sewer pipes can clog due to the flushing of unwanted waste, grease, debris or dirt down your drains which ends up building up a blockage within your sewer line.  Sewer pipes can also be blocked due infiltration of roots or shifts in soil.  This is more common with older sewer pipes such as those made of clay, cement or iron.  Current codes for replacement of sewer pipes require the use of PVC or ABS piping.

What can be done to fix your sewer line?

Sewer repair technicians can come up with several sewer repair options depending on the condition and length of your side sewer line. Sewer repair technicians have a variety of methods for leak detection such as finding a leak in hard to reach locations such as under your foundation or driveway.

  • One method of sewer repair is called line bursting which can both remove and replace a sewer line without having to excavate. This method uses special equipment that uses a cable attached to new sewer pipe that is then pulled through the old pipe that will break up the pipe while replacing it with a new one.
  • If your old pipe is in relatively good condition but still in need of replacement because of leaks, cracks or pipe damage, sewer repair technicians can employ the use of sewer linings which will inject resin into your old pipe and then expand it with a bladder to replace your old pipe. Both of these methods are often referred to as trenchless sewer repair.
  • The method of last resort is often to locate and excavate your sewer line and replace with PVC or ABS piping that will last over 100 years.

Affordable and Effective Sewer Services

Do It Right Plumbers will make effort to keep the costs of your sewer repair or drain cleaning within your budget. Because we are the experts, we can employ every method possible to fix your sewer pipes without having to repair or replace them.

We employ the use of professional grade electric snakes to clear clogs that may be the only problem that we find.  In other words, your sewer line is intact and in good condition so we will find the nearest cleanout to the clog and use the snake to break up and flush out the clog.

Regardless of the nature of your sewer line problem or issue, Do It Right Plumbers located in Orange, CA and serving all of Orange County, CA can help provide the best solution so that you know your plumbing and drain problems are fixed right the first time.