Shipping A Damaged Or Salvaged Car: What You Need To Know


Having a car is almost a must especially if you have to commute to work daily. Getting around is just easier and more places are accessible to you if you have a car. That’s why it’s incredibly stressful when you total your car. There are many things that you have to do such as contacting an East Coast auto transport.

If your car has been damaged, there’s a certain extent of damage that makes you legally not allowed to drive it. If this is the case for your car, then you will have to get it towed. For a car that you totaled far from home, you have to get it shipped. Though shipping companies abounds, they have all sorts of fees and penalties for you especially if it’s your first time with them. At Shiply, the online marketplace for shipping companies and people like you with items to ship, interested shippers send in bids only moments after you advertise. Go to to know how bidding works.

Your insurance company doesn’t always need to take ownership of a totaled car

Although most insurance companies will encourage you to hand over the ownership of the totaled car, you don’t always have to do this. Even if the situation seems hopeless, you can still maintain ownership of the car and use it in some other way.

That’s why it is suggested that you assess the situation when you have a damaged car. Do you plan on selling the parts by yourself? Do you want to attempt to restore the car back to its former glory? When you hand it over to your insurance company, they’ll most likely sell it to a salvage yard.

An East Coast auto transport will use special equipment to ship the car

Transporting a damaged or salvaged car is approached in a different manner compared to shipping a fully working car. With a fully working car, a company can use standard equipment to move it around. If you leave the keys, they can drive it to a specific area so it’s easier to transport it.

With a totaled car, they will have to settle for various compromises. The very worst of this is not being able to manually drive the car to make it accessible to the standard equipment that they have. This is when the car shipping company has to use special equipment to move it around.

It costs more to transport a damaged car than it is to transport a working car

This is true for most cases because of the reasons stated above. However, you still have to be prepared for the various fees that you will have to pay upfront. These fees may seem like penalties, but they are there to ensure that no damage is linked back to the shipping company and none of the damages on the car damages any of the equipment of the company as well.

No two totaled cars are the same. That’s why the strategy in moving a totaled car differs from the various circumstances that they were damaged in the first place. For an East Coast auto transport company, they might have to take an entirely unique approach especially if they need a way to preserve the actual damage on the car. These are simply things that they don’t have to do with normal working cars.