Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Ever done a wedding dress shopping before? Oh! It is fun sampling stores with your squad to find that one DRESS you have been dreaming about for years.

However, you should also consider what time is best to start your wedding dress shopping. Do a thorough evaluation of your schedule and those of the bridal stores plus designers you would love to visit or work with, especially if the dress you are going for is custom made. Below are little guides to put in mind to give you bright ideas and provide relatable reasons on why and when to start your wedding dress shopping or order for it.

When to start dress shopping

Considering several factors, it is advisable to start your wedding dress shopping one year before your big day . This allows you adequate time to check with all the possible dress options(custom made, off-the-rack purchase etc.), designers, and bridal stores you would love to visit or work with to have the best fit for your big day as you dance to tunes from your Lancaster pa Dj. Within this time frame, be conscious not to place any orders or make purchases, as it gives you more margin down the track should there be any change.

Body changes such as weight gain and loss can significantly influence the choice of a brides dress. While we would love for every potential bride to be the happiest and joyful bride on their big day, it is not always the case.

Nonetheless, it should not stop you from searching for your wedding dress early (within the one year frame). To tackle body size possibilities, make size a major consideration if you foresee weight gain or loss before your wedding day. If you shed a few pounds, alterations on the dress would be minimal, so you can go for the gown that fits you now.

In a scenario where the bride is pregnant, altering the wedding dress is nearly impossible. It is more achievable taking out material to size your dress down than vice versa(sizing up), so getting a new maternal fitting gown would be more comfortable than altering what you already have.

When to purchase a custom-made gown

Paying for a custom made gown which usually takes about six months to prepare (design and customize) can be prolific especially when you do it between nine and twelve months to your wedding; to allow enough time for changes and for your designer to produce the best image of your perfect wedding dress. Include dress fittings before and after your design is made from scratch for a little time.