Shotgun Shooting Tips: Increasing Bird Hunting Accuracy

If you are relatively new to shooting and are still looking for ways to improve your game, today you are in luck. We are here to share some of the best tips available for shotgun shooting to increase bird hunting accuracy, with the ultimate intention of allowing as many people as possible to get the most out of the sport that they love.

The tips that we are going to be sharing today are designed to enable shooters to break more targets and bag more birds, and therefore definitely should not be disregarded. The most important tip of them all would be to use only quality weapons, and for all shotguns and ammo, and to purchase PA-10 rifles visit a Palmetto State Armory online store near you.

There are many tips available for shooters to allow them to increase their shooting scores, and here are just a few to get shooters started:

  • Make sure that you use high quality ammo – don’t be fooled into buying the cheapest options. It is important to purchase high quality ammo because premium ammunition is able to provide shooters with better patters and impact allowing them to see more one-shot kills and one-shot broke targets.
  • Shooters should keep changing patterns their patterns until they find one which works impressive. For example, if shooters are only hitting with birds with one of two pellets it is advisable to test a tighter choke.
  • Gun mounting should be practiced at home so that when out in the field shooters can get it right, the first time and avoid wasting any time or shots. Once mounting is practiced enough times it becomes instinctive.
  • When shooting shotguns feet should never be any wider than should width apart and the lead foot should always point in the direction of the target.
  • It is a good idea to when shooting birds to let them come out and enjoy their first feed before any shooting commences – Shooting too soon always almost results in missed shots and wasted ammo.
  • Shooters should always focus on their target when shooting, making conscious efforts to look for and focus on their prey’s heads from lining up their shot right through to taking their shot.
  • When shooting shotguns you should never lean backwards, in fact proper shotgun shooting involves leaning your hold weight forward.
  • It is important to get shotguns that are suitable for you, ensuring that you’re getting shotguns which you can carry and handle easily. It is important to take your time when gun shopping to ensure that you get the best gun for your individual needs and requirement, and can be highly beneficial to get assistance from shooting professional when looking to buy a new shotgun.


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