Signs That It’s Time To See A Foot And Ankle Doctor 

Most people don’t pay enough attention to their feet until spring or summer comes, and it’s time to wear open-toed shoes or go to the beach or pool. But you can’t forget that they support the weight of your body and carry you everywhere, so we suggest you pay more attention to them and see a Foot and Ankle Doctor Dallas, TX, if you notice any of the following signs:

Black nails. If you’ve noticed that some of your nails have become dark at the sides, you may be suffering from onychomycosis, or in other words, toenail fungus. Other symptoms are thickening and deformation of the affected nail. Sometimes, it can affect other nails and is related to the athlete’s foot.

Cracked heels. Dryness is one of the most frequent signs of foot problems. For example, heels are especially prone to dryness, and it’s essential to maintain adequate moisture in your daily hygiene. a Foot and Ankle Doctor Dallas, TX will advise you on the best foot moisturizers and how to apply them.

Ingrown nails. It appears when the area around the toenail goes into the skin, causing pain, inflammation, irritation, and redness. The pin is inserted into the lateral nail folds.

Bunions. The only effective treatment to correct bunions is podiatric surgery, through which the big toe joint is straightened as much as possible, reducing pain and discomfort.

Pain in the big toe. Either by using inadequate footwear, by an ingrown nail, or by some disease in our feet. If you notice that your big toe is inflamed, red, and very hard, it is recommended that a podiatrist check it as soon as possible. The pain will prevent you from walking normally and will affect your quality of life.

Calluses and wounds. Corns on the feet are nothing more than thickened skin layers due to continuous pressure or friction in a given area. During the winter, footwear always presses and rubs against our toes, so it is typical for chafing, calluses, and wounds to be removed. Chiropractic is, in these cases, the best solution.

Pain in the heel. The continued use of inappropriate footwear can lead to one of the most common injuries: plantar fasciitis. Especially common in athletes or runners, plantar fasciitis has its main symptom, pain in the heel. It could also be a consequence of inflammation in the Achilles tendon or by other existing pathologies.

Claw fingers. Also known as hammertoes, this pathology consists of the toes’ deformation and causes the metatarsal joints to stretch too much and end up bending. This causes pain, and the person cannot walk or play sports usually. In all cases, it is necessary that you go to a podiatrist and that this one applies the best treatment, as it could be podiatric surgery.

Warts on the sole. This is a contagious viral infection caused by contact with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), either skin to skin or through contact with hygiene care objects. Prevention is essential to avoid the appearance of plantar warts or papillomas on the feet.