Six Signs You are Experiencing Age Discrimination on the Job

Employees who are at least 40 years old and have been harmed by a decision that impacts their employment may have suffered illegal age discrimination. In general, employees are prohibited from recruiting, hiring, and promoting employees based on their age. But, determining whether the actions of an employer based on age discrimination can be difficult. If you think you may be discriminated against because of your age, you should legal assistance from one of the best charlottenc nc employment lawyers. Also, there are signs you can consider that would suggest what you think is true:

You Hear Age-Related Remarks

If your employer makes unpleasant comments about your age or constantly asks you about retirement, they could be practicing age discrimination. If these incidents constantly happen, try to have a coworker witnessing such conversations, so you will have a witness should your issue evolve into a discrimination lawsuit.

You are Reassigned

Job reassignment clearly indicates your employer’s intention to replace you or fire you. This is especially true if you have been reassigned to a position that nobody wants. You can prevent this by making an effort to improve your work performance as you age. But, if the discrimination is creating a hostile work environment for you, you may want to consider legal intervention.

You are Constantly Denied Promotion or Raises

You probably have been working in the company for many years and getting consistent raises or promotions because of your performance. However, if such incentives suddenly stop while you get older and they are given to younger coworkers, this could indicate age discrimination.

You Get Negative Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews allow employers to give constructive criticism about their workers’ work production and work effectiveness. If you used to get good reviews from your boss and you suddenly get negative feedback, this may mean they want to phase you of the workplace.

Your Workload is Lightened

As your employer may try to force you out, they may lighten your workload or eliminate difficult work and projects from your plate. This may demoralize or frustrate you and make you feel less useful to the company. This is another indicator of age discrimination.

You are Being Encouraged to Retire

Your company may offer early retirement packages as an incentive for pushing you out. Typically, such packages are not easy to turn down. And even if you turn the offer down, your company may still fire you anyway.