Skin Conditions Cosmetic Injections Can Assist With

As you age, your skin starts to lose its volume and collagen and develop wrinkles. Other pre-existing conditions may also become worse as a result of the loss of such qualities. Cosmetic injections are usually administered to improve the look of the skin for a given period. If you’re having any of the problems listed below, cosmetic injections in Melbourne may help with the problem.


Wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process. With age, the skin is unable to contract and relax as perfectly as it once did. Therefore, lines are formed in areas where there where regular contractions of the face muscles. However, you can prevent deeper lines from forming and even out fine lines with anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections in Melbourne.

Skin Rejuvenation

Over time, you may not be giving your skin all the nutrients it needs to stay looking youthful. It may also not be getting the right amount of water to continue looking vibrant. Patients usually end up with a tired look and sunken eyes. The skin around the cheeks also loses volume and the check bones stand out more. Fortunately, you can get dermal filler injections to deal with the problem. These fillers add collagen and hydration, which help increase the volume of the skin as well as hydrate it.

Cracked, Dry Lips

Lips can become dry, thin and cracked due to age, lack of required nutrientsor any other skin condition. A lip enhancement injection can help to restore your lips so that they look full, smoother and softer. These dermal fillers puff up the thin skin without making the lips look too swollen. Rather, they just enhance your natural lip features. The number of injections given depends on the condition of the lip and your desired result.

Low Collagen Production

The deterioration of the physical look of the skin is partly due to the decreased amount of collagen, which causes the loss of skin volume and elasticity. With cosmetic injections in Melbourne, you can stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen. This procedure takes up to four injections in a session, with up to three sessions recommended. These injections can be administered on the face or the hands.

Deep Laugh Lines

Some lines form around the mouth when you laugh. These lines may get deeper over time and remain in place even when you’re not laughing. Some gels can be injected around the mouth and nose, especially the folds of the skin that form around the cheekbones. The gels don’t eliminate the lines when you laugh, but they make them fuller and smoother so that you look younger and more vibrant.

Double Chin

A double chin can be caused by submental fat, making the chin looklike it is sagging. Cosmetic injectionscan help to improve the appearance and the profile of your chin. This is usually part of a long treatment process to get rid of the fat and bring out the striking physical look of your jaw and chin.