Slot Machine Cheats That Don’t Work

For as long as slot machines have existed, there has been cheats for them. The opportunity to win prizes will always bring temptation to try and win unfairly. Whether through counting cards in poker or using a loaded dice in craps, punters over the years have found ways to nudge the odds in their favour and slot machines at Daisy Slots are no different.

Unsurprisingly then, casinos have been forced to catch on quick and find ways to stop any sneaky punters stealing money. Now for all of the classic slot machine cheats, there are things in place to stop them from working.

Fake Coin Trick

This used to be one of the simplest and easiest cheats to pull off. Players didn’t need to use any kind of attachment or device to fix the machine and instead could easily appear as a normal and honest punter. All they had to do was insert a fake coin in place of real money into the slot machine. They had to be the same dimensions in order to be accepted, but in the early days this was all it took.

The introduction of scales meant cheaters then had to use a coin that weighed the same as well, but again this was relatively simple to adjust to and players could earn thousands by playing for free. Players who couldn’t get their hands on or make fake coins adapted and started using foreign coins. With some exchange weights, slot machines could be played for a fraction of the price.

In fact, during the 1980’s a Mexican peso worth less than an American Cent was often used in place of a Dollar; which made for some very tidy profit. Don’t even think about trying this one now though as all modern slot machines have advanced technology that uses light sensors to check for any fake or foreign coins.  Whilst it was a good trick back in the day, the fake coin is a slot machine cheat that no longer works.

Magic Magnet

As machines started to utilising light sensors to catch out any suspect coins, cheats found a new way to fix the game. The magnet was initially an unexpected tool for winning cash, but as it left no trace of deceit, it made the perfect crime. Punters could press the magnet to the wall of the machine and slowly adjust the reels to form a winning combination. With this the prize would be triggered and players could cash out.

Any casino would have a hard time proving any foul play as there was nothing left to suggest a player had cheated. It was an ingenious method and one that casinos were obviously desperate to prevent. Now all slot machines are made out of and lined with materials that block any magnetic field.

This prevents any magnet from working completely, no matter their strength, preventing players from moving the reels even a fraction. A favourite trick that thanks to advancement in technology is now just a slot machine cheat that does not work.