Slot Regulations And Laws Across The World 

Ever since the dawn of gambling it has been something that has been regulated, and if it wasn’t then it was something that occupied a shady and rather illegal territory. When you think about it there should be no surprise really – for an industry that concerns itself with so much you would really expect it to be regulated in some way.

Furthermore, playing slots at Kingcasino actually involves a fair amount of trust between the player and the slot provider. Imagine winning a huge jackpot and then being told you cannot actually retrieve it? This is the main reason why governments across the world step in and provide laws dictating how the industry should work, without them the market could quite quickly descend into chaos. These laws differ from place to place, however, let’s take a look at some of the slot regulations and laws across the world. 

United Kingdom 

The UK was one of the first government bodies to open their eyes to the impending online casino explosion, passing The Gambling Act in 2005. Many casino providers were scared of this at first as they thought it would constrict their activities far too much, however in actuality it was the opposite that turned out to be true. This set of regulations paved the way for the huge online slot expansion, something that had a knock on affect across the world. 

The biggest positive to be taken from The Gambling Act 2005 was the fact that casino sites and developers were now allowed to advertise their products, ensuring they stuck to the regulation guidelines. They were also obliged to disclose things such as the RTP of their slots, making the whole online slot gambling process a lot more transparent. Recently the UKGC tightened their regulations, making sure that advertising is never misleading and doesn’t target people under 18. 

United States Of America 

You would do well to find another country with such a rich history in gambling as the US, they pretty much set the standard for gambling in the 20th Century. Moreover, the first slot is widely acknowledged to have been built here, and places like Las Vegas have an affinity with these machines. 

It might come as a surprise, then, that online slot restrictions in the US are actually quite heavy indeed. Gamblers can still spin the reels legally, however the framework is a lot more complicated than in the UK, for example. Most of this is down to the way the US governmental laws operate between state and federal level. Sometimes this can confuse things, hence the slow burning nature of US online gambling regulations. 


Australia is home to one of the most accomplished online slot developers to ever grace the earth in Eyecon, and it is therefore no surprise that the industry has long enjoyed success in the country. In fact, Australia are one of the leaders in gambling spend per capita, something that is largely down to the development of regulations that seem to echo that of the UK.