Small Updates Can Make a Big Difference

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The principle of 80/20 is definitely in effect when it comes to a home remodel. What is this principle, you may ask? It is simply this: Changing 20 percent of something results in an 80 percent improvement. That means you do not have to change everything in your home to make a big difference in the feel of it. Here are some ideas of smaller projects that can effect an overall greater change.

Paint the Walls

Paint does more than change the color of a room. It can disguise flaws, clean things up and change the mood of the room. If the walls have many flaws, use a satin finish paint. It is easier to clean than flat and hides almost as many flaws. Semi-gloss, on the other hand has a more reflective surface and can highlight every divot in the wall. It is great however for painting trim work. Choose shades of blue or green for relaxation, soft orange and yellow tones to add some cheer and red to increase appetite and energy.

Improve the Plumbing

It’s time to stop struggling with a low-flow faucet or a sluggish drain. Take the plunge and install new faucets in the sink and tub. Install a new toilet – the ADA height toilets can be more comfortable for many, especially taller people. Don’t put up with moldy or loose shower or tub surround tile. Call the qualified experts in bathroom remodeling Boerne relies on and let them suggest some ways you could update your bathrooms.

Buy a new Appliance or two

Cheer up your kitchen or laundry room with a new refrigerator or washing machine. To get the most bang for your buck, purchase appliances that coordinate in style and material if they will be seen in the same room. If you don’t buy the same brand, at least purchase the same finish, such as stainless steel or white enamel.

Get new Accessories

If big budget items such as carpet or furniture are out of the question, consider changing the style and accent colors of a room by changing the accessories. Find some new art pieces to hang on the wall. Replace throw pillows and lap throws with a fresh new color or texture. Add a tray of candles to a coffee table or a couple of new plants to breathe life into the room.

Making a couple of these smaller changes can give your home a much needed lift and give you a new sense of enjoyment. When the stressors of life cause you to crave a change, start at home.