Some of The Dog Breeds and What You Need to Know About Them

Dogs are magnificent creatures that are easy to love and to live with. You can make them your best friend and companion. They can also provide great help to humans like assisting, guarding something, and even entertain us because of their cuteness and innocent faces. Many people own dogs, and they become a family member that they can love.

Dogs are great companions that will never betray you and will always remain loyal. They are sent by God to watch over us and protect us. Because they are friendly, trainable, smart, athletic, and helpful, many people choose them over other animals to be their house pets. They can be house dogs, guard dogs, working dogs, and it all depends on how you train them.

Dogs also have different kinds of breeds that you need to know, and they vary in the face, size, height, markings, shape, weight, and even characteristics.  Some dogs are trainable, and some are hard to train, but they are all smart in their own way. With that, here are some of the dog breeds and what you need to know about them.

German Shepherd Dog

This dog breed can stand up to 26 inches at their shoulder level, and when they viewed in an outline, it shows an image of graceful and smooth curves instead of the angle. There are a lot of reasons to love German Shepherds, and one of them is their character, such as loyalty, courage, intelligence, and a lot more. They are also steadfast guardians and great family pets.

There are also more facts that you don’t know about this breed. The German Shepherd dog breed is also second for the most registered breed by the American Kennel Club, and they are just behind the Labrador Retrievers.

Their bites are also known to be one of the strongest bites for dog breeds. Its bite has a force of 238 pounds, and it means that it’s more massive than the breed’s weight. It can also cause severe injuries that may require surgery or medical care. And besides these facts, you can also check out more german shepherd facts.


This breed is also referred to as weiner dogs. Dachshunds are also dogs that are scent hounds that can hunt badger animals and more tunneling animals such as foxes and rabbits. Before, they even use packs of weiner dogs to trail a wild board. They are great family dogs and compatible with children and other pets in the house.

This breed also comes in three sizes. A lot of people are used to seeing mini Dachshunds that they forget that there are standard sizes. The mini’s weight is usually around 11 pounds, and they hunt vermin that is small while the standard size weighs 32 pounds. There is also a third size in Germany, in between the standard and the miniature.


They are compact, hardy, and small, and Beagles can be an active companion for adults and kids. This breed type is fun-loving and merry, but being a hound, they sometimes require patience, and they are stubborn. Their nose is what guides them in their daily activity, and they are happier when they follow a unique scent. Beagles are initially scenthounds for tracking small animals, mostly hare, and rabbits.


Dogs are fascinating animals that have uniques personalities and characteristics. They can also be your best friend or your family. You can also train them in a lot of things, depending on what you want them to achieve, but you have to be patient with them.