Sports Betting: The Winning Addiction

Withdrawal symptoms occur when someone ceases or reduces the intake of the addictive substance after regular use. With the gambling addict, withdrawal symptoms can occur in the form of insomnia, irritability, depressive and physical symptoms.


There are numerous reasons why people gamble or keep gambling. Why are you guessing?

  • To amuse and relax me.
  • To win money.
  • For the kick, the excitement.
  • To socialize, to be with others.
  • To get out of the financial problems.
  • To try something new, out of curiosity.
  • To win.
  • To forget the daily worries.
  • To spend money, to consume. 

A number of these motivations can give rise to gambling problems


The winning phase: This phase corresponds to the first steps in the world of gambling. Gambling is still recreational and stays within the budget of time and money. Gambling is a form of entertainment. There is a lot of pleasure in winning. The initial win is not considered a coincidence, but the result of the exceptional personality of the gambler. Loss is seen as the result of bad luck or other external forces.

The losing phase: After the first losses a gambling behavior arises that very consciously and immediately strives to “win back the loss”. A number of important areas of life such as work or family are compromised by the increasing gambling behavior. Debts arise. When the gambler acknowledges his gambling problems, a number of problems can still be remedied by making clear agreements with parents or partner about money and time spent or through budgeting in the 먹튀검증 sites.

The desperation phase: When gambling takes over the player completely, we can speak of an addiction. The player is involved in gambling day and night, is becoming more and more socially isolated and is even going to engage in illegal and criminal activities to get money for gambling. The person seeks the solution to his gambling problems, but the problems keep piling up. 


We see various negative consequences of gambling with pathological gamblers:

  • Illegal acts to get money
  • Problems with the court
  • Deny medical care or necessary purchases.
  • Problems with the employer due to gambling.
  • Loss of work due to gambling.
  • Problems with the bank.
  • Payroll.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Abandoned by partner 

The Jupiler Pro League is the highest class of Belgian football and very unique of its kind. This is mainly due to the play-offs. After a series of 30 games in total, the play-offs start. In play-off 1, the six highest ranked clubs play against each other twice.


The teams do not start completely from scratch because at the start of play-off 1 the points from the regular competitions are included, but then divided by two. The play-off 2 teams start with 0 points. The nice thing about this play-off system is that the final winner is not determined on the basis of the regular competitions.