Starting an Industry on a Tight Budget

The idea of starting your own industry, whether processing or manufacturing can be quite scary. There are many factors that may be holding you back from setting up the industry. For most people, financial set back is the biggest challenge.

Whenever you wait until you have enough money to start your dream industry, you will never take that step of faith. Therefore, in the spirit of the quote, ‘Nothing big started big’, start your industry with the little amount you have.

Unlike when you have all your finances in order, starting on a tight budget means that you’ll have to forgo most of the miscellaneous expenses.

In this article, I will share with you how you can start your industry on a shoestring budget.

Step 1: Start small

When starting the business, you will face new experiences each day and as the market keeps changing, you’ll be subject to change your options and decisions. Therefore, ensure that you don’t invest in anything permanent for the moment.

Instead of buying a property to work from, choose to rent or hire a small room where you’ll easily move out if the conditions no longer favor you.

Your budget will also not allow you to hire many permanent workers. You can thus opt to look for online workers who can do some of your basic services such as, customer services from a virtual assistant. Other workers can fill in your data entry and help you market your industry online.

With good internet, you can use cloud storage services such as Amazon cloud to store your information and data before getting your own database.

Step 2: Affordable tools

Since you are running an industry, adequate equipment will be needed to accomplish your goals. However, your budget will only allow you to get cheaper equipment for your production.

Consider purchasing tools that can carry out multiple tasks such as a small industrial robot that can be utilized in different parts of the production.

However, you should ensure that the tools and machines acquired can produce quality products for your business. This is because, being new in the industry, the quality of your products will create a good reputation for you in the market.

You can also request other established companies to lend you some of their tools during their low season, to help you put up the industry.

Step 3: Do your Research

Being on a tight budget, you don’t have the luxury of testing out any product idea that you have before settling for one product. You, therefore, have to conduct thorough research on each product you want to manufacture to find out what’ll work best for you.

Get to learn from experts in the different fields on how different products are fairing in the market. Get to know the cost of the products and the process of their production to determine if you can handle the technicality.

Step 4: Make good partnerships

In the world we are living today, knowing the right people can be a huge benefit for your business. A good partnership with your suppliers will enable you to get quality raw materials for your productions, which will result in better quality products.

Established partners will help you market your products without incurring many costs hence saving your budget. You should also ensure that you have multiple open partners who you can alternate with, to help you in diversifying the business.

Step 5: Get your Licenses

Before operating any business, sorting out your legal issues with the relevant authorities is the first thing you should do. 

With a license, you can confidently approach investors and ask for help and even get quality workers to help improve the business. Also, due to your budget situation, you can’t afford to pay the heavy taxes and fines charged for illegal operations.


To start an industry, you don’t have to have all the finances. You just have to start small, acquire affordable tools, do your research, get good partnerships and ensure that you’re sorted with the authorities.

Despite the budget, these steps will help you start the industry and grow big with time. Remember,  even Rome wasn’t built in a day!