YouTube has provided an awesome platform to upcoming creators, a lot of young and fresh faces have come in light only because of such a social media sharing platform. One such personality is Mallory Pruitt, she is a professional model and fashionista. With teenagers consuming so much of YouTube it is evident that YouTube or the content creators do have the power or ability to impact the psychology of a subscriber or consumer. You will be surprised to know that 70% of teenagers YouTube Consumers have committed that in current times they can relate more with their favorite content creator than any other conventional celebrity.

Another shocking fact is that 4 out of every 10 young YouTube consumers feel that their favorite YouTube content creator understands them better than any other friend that they have. Such facts are astonishing and at the same time concern you. So this means that if you seriously want to become a YouTube Influencer you need to focus on a few things that will definitely help you in getting more crowd.

  • Uniqueness id the key. You must keep in mind that any YouTuber who is successful is only because of their creativity and unique style. People generally don’t follow a copier. It means copying a famous or successful personality just would not get your work done.
  • Be regular. Regularity is the key to YouTube you must be regular in posting your videos. Because the audience will only follow you if you post content regularly.
  • Be a genre-specific- you must have a genre or a particular niche for your YouTube channel, if you post random videos people are not likely to follow you a lot.
  • Be authentic in content, avoid any lies. This is another major important key point, you must be completely genuine and true with your audience. You need to exaggerate things in order to make you look some kind of cool or something that mostly goes against you.
  • Maintain good relations with your audience- if you do not maintain good public relations then most probably your unsubscribing rate will be too high.
  • Make your content more Informative- your audience is more likely to follow in only one condition when they will feel that your content is relevant to them in some ways. Even if you belong to some particular niches like fashion, entertainment then also you need to keep your content more and more informative.

You can check out Mallory Pruitt’s Instagram profiles know how professional models maintain their Social Media profiles.