Style Tips for Plus Size Body Shape

It may be tough to love your curves sometimes, but dressing according to your body shape and enhancing your assets doesn’t just make you look stylish but also boosts your self-esteem and confidence. And, that’s what’s important!

With so many different body shapes and figures, generic advice will not be suitable for every body shape, especially if you are a little more on the plus side. You can easily guess what plus body shape you own just by naming them Apple, Pear and Hourglass. Here are some stylish tips for plus size body shapes:

Proper fit:

It is very essential. No matter what cheap plus size dresses you are purchasing or wearing, the fit should be perfect. A proper fit dress solves half the problem. Covering your body with undersized or oversized clothes will not help your frame.

Dark color for problematic body parts:

Dark colors radiate a slimmer figure illusion. So, if you have a heavy bust area or thick thighs, then select clothes in darker colors.

Choose clean cuts:

If there is too much of work on your dress, then it may make you appear bulky. So, it is important to wear well-tailored dresses because too many prints, ruffles, fussy fabrics may not do any good at all.

Patterns not to go for:

You can wear all types of patterned dress you want, but make sure the prints are small. Big patterns may give you a heftier look. If you choose stripes, then go for vertical ones and not the horizontal ones as they may make you appear broader.

Not very tight:

Often women go for clothes in small size to get a perfect fit or think that a small size will make them appear thinner. No, this is not the case. All you will see is the undesirable piles of fat.

Pear-shaped body:

You should stay away from flared pants or broad jeans. Skater skirts or A-line skirts will also look great on you.  Make sure you select your leggings wisely as they stick to the leg and may not give you a good look.

Apple-shaped body:

A cheap sweater dress will give you the impression of elongated torso and offer proportions to your body. You can try mini length dresses, V-neck dresses, loose sweater dresses, and more to flatter your body type. Try wearing high waist jeans with spaghetti tops.

Accessorize well with the dress:

Being a plus sized woman, you can easily pull off the chunky pieces of jewelry well. Hence, you can choose big jewelry pieces along with full-size handbags to get a perfectly complete look.

Try everything available:

Just because you are a plus size, you are not limited by anything. There is an assorted range of cheap plus size dresses available for you at lover- beauty. All you need to do is check out the collection and look perfect.

Don’t forget to wear your smile and look elegantly beautiful. When you wear the right dress, you look perfect irrespective of your body shape and size.