Stylish Colour Combinations for your New Kitchen

If you are planning a New Year kitchen revamp, your thoughts will no doubt turn to colours and you probably wish to change the existing colour scheme. Kitchens should be bright and airy with adequate natural lighting, and with that in mind, here are a few great colour combinations to consider.

  • Turquoise & Cream – Ideal for that serene country look, with pine cabinets and stone floor tiles; a colour set that is ideal for small kitchens. Search with Google Images for many fine examples of colourful kitchens and you can use colour cards and place them in various locations to see how the shades work.
  • Serene Blues and Greys – This is a classic colour scheme with a hint of the Victorian era and with tiles from the online supplier, you can browse the many cool shades and choose one that matches your planned paint choice.
  • Beiges and Browns – Mixing a light and dark shade works, providing the dark shade is the minority and with timber-finish floor tiles, you can create a soothing neutral scheme that is ideal for the kitchen. A splashing of white adds to this scheme, creating a soft, country feel with some dried flowers in wicker baskets. If you are planning a holiday in the New Year to celebrate the end of the pandemic, here are a few tips on preparing your home for an extended period.
  • Primrose Yellow & White – The ultimate summery look, this combination creates a bright and clean ambience and search online for tile suppliers who have a wide range of tiles of all colours and styles. Coloured grouting allows for a nice contrast and pine is the material of choice for cabinets, with flowers of course.
  • Warm Orange & Rich Brown – A great combo for a country house, rich colours are ideal for roomy spaces with lots of natural lighting, so unsuitable for a small, dark kitchen. Black also has a place in this scheme, as does stainless steel, hinting on the futuristic.
  • Natural Earth Tones – If you like the minimalist look, choose a couple of earthy neutrals, with the emphasis on the lighter shades. Light cream works for window frames and architrave and with soft wall lighting, you have a warm and cosy ambience.
  • White on Wood – Pine cladding on the walls and timber-grain floor tiles with white cabinet doors and pale grey worktops, would create a relaxing feel. Pine finish is preferable to a deep hardwood, which keeps light shades that make the room seem spacious.
  • Classic Black & White – Always a stunning combination, chrome or stainless steel add depth and contrast and with black granite worktops and white cabinet doors with black handles, this is a classic scheme.
  • Shades of Grey – Grey is one of those colours that are easy on the eye and with some subtle variations with matching worktops and the right floor tiles, you can create a romantic and relaxing ambience.

The above combinations are currently trending, but with literally millions of shades, you could create your own unique colour scheme and make the kitchen the most popular room in the house. Buying materials online means you don’t put yourself at risk from Covid-19 infection and with free delivery, you can plan your kitchen renovation.