Summer Recruitment Tips

Summer is here and whilst much of the country are now off on their holidays and planning vacations, recruiters should now be taking time to publish and advertise their best job vacancies. If you are a recruiter and what want to ensure that you are at the top of your game throughout summer, keep on reading…

Top Summer Recruitment Tips

The following tips have been provided by one of the leading PA recruitment agencies in London

Be proactive 

The summer months can be slow for many industries however; this does not mean that you have to slow. Now is the best time to be proactive – being proactive is key to discovering the best candidates. If your clients want new candidates to start in the autumn period, you should start looking for the best and most quality candidates for these positions in summer. This will allow you to put forward the highest quality and most suitable people

Get graduates 

Summer is the absolute best time for recruiters to grab the attention of fresh graduates. Every summer there is a new set of graduates that require assistance from recruitment companies to ensure they are placed in the best possible roles. As a recruiter at this time of year, you will likely be in charge of placing graduates in their first ever full time roles so make sure you have processes in line for this.

Relocation –

Summer is the best time for people to relocate, and in line with this during summer, many people relocate and need to find jobs in new areas. As a recruiter, it is your job to ensure that these people can find the best job vacancies in their new locations! Not only this but because of this companies are also left short-staffed and in need of help from leading recruiters.

Reflection –

Summer is the perfect time to reflect on your career and lifestyle – the time to check how well you have stuck to your new year’s resolutions and to plan for new challenges.  You might even want to look for new recruitment roles for yourself at this time; after all, it is no good placing candidates in the most wonderful jobs if you are not going to have the best job possible too.

Stay connected –

Although the majority of people are bust in summer, most people still find time to check their social media accounts! You must use as many avenues as possible to keep in touch with your clients and candidates over summer! The powers of Facebook and other similar social media platforms can no longer be ignored.