Sustainable Energy- The only way to move forward!

With increasing side effects of climate change visible with every passing day, it is becoming more and more important that we as humans change our habits and become more considerate towards earth and its offerings.

How can we do this?

One of the most consumed resources on this earth in every nook and corner is electricity. With modernization, we have practically not left any corner of the earth that we have been able to reach, free of electricity. The commonest source of producing electricity till date has been coal, which not only leads to the mining erosion but also adds to the air pollution. Today governments are actively promoting generation of sustainable energy through hydro electricity, windmills, solar plants and biomass.

We as responsible citizens and as the consumers of electricity can choose to buy electricity from companies that generate energy through sustainable resources.

Can we choose the company we buy electricity from?

Yes! Most people in Australia are unaware of the fact that after the deregulation of electricity in their country, a lot of private players came into this field, reducing energy consumption rates due to competition. A lot of people who are aware of this hesitate to switch to another provider for lack of knowledge regarding the same.

What should one know about changing energy provider?

A few important points that one should know if looking to change their provider are:

  • Service providers cannot charge an exit fee until the contract says so. Even in that case the fee can only be charged in case of mid contract exit.
  • Basis your requirement, usage and budget you can choose a plan that provides you optimal output at an affordable cost.
  • No new lines and equipment needs to be laid in the house in case of a change. The new provider will be providing supply on your existing set up.
  • You will not have to endure electricity cut out at the time of the shift.

How does one choose the best plan?

Most people do not want to explore the option of changing the energy provider because of the effort they will have to put in to research and study the options available in the market.

For this companies like iSelect help you find a suitable energy plan all on their website. They have tied up with major providers and thus are able to give a comprehensive comparison across energy providers at the press of a few buttons.

Sitting at home, one can compare and choose the best plan that fulfills all their requirements and still does not stretch their pockets.

Changing your provider not only will help you reduce your electricity bill, it also empowers you to choose what kind of electricity you are choosing to use – sustainable or non sustainable.

So if you are living in Australia and have been with the same energy provider since ages, then it is worthwhile to at least once make a comparison study on iSelect and ensure that you are not losing out on your money as well as your environment.