Tesamorelin – A ‘Ghrh’ of the Medical Future


Tesamorelin is known to be one of the biggest progresses against HIV. It is used to reduce fat near the stomach lining in patients that are affected by HIV. This also growth hormone-releasing hormone that has the potential to increase certain natural substances in the body that is beneficial for decreasing body fat. This fact doesn’t mean that these injections can be used for weight loss; this is used in medical supervision.

Tesamorelin was founded in 2010 by Theratechnologies, a company based in Canada. This is in the category of the peptide. It also is the newest drug to be approved by the FDA for the treatment of HIV-associated lipodystrophy, the condition we explained above. 

This element has surely been an amazing discovery in the race to find some cure for HIV. People infected with this virus can get some relief by taking Tesamorelin shots. Overall this element has been a game changer in the HIV sector. 

The tesamorelin injection can be found in medical stores as well as sellers Tesamorelin online USA.

Conditions that can be treated using tesamorelin –

The vendors of Tesamorelin Online USA will have a complete background check of the patient before selling this injection. This drug can be given to treat the following conditions-

1. Short stature –

The GHRH structured injection can be used to treat the condition of short stature in children. Those children that are facing a deficiency of growth hormones can be given this drug to treat this medical condition. There is still some research going on as to what are the side effects of this treatment.

2. Dementia –

Tesamorelin has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of dementia. It has shown results of increasing cognitive ability in patients with early stages of dementia. This injection can increase GABA that is facilitated by the GHRH of tesamorelin. This increases the growth of tissues in the brain.

3. Peripheral nerve damage –

The growth hormone release hormone sequence helps in the recovery of nerves that are damaged due to some incident. It has been found to be effective in recovering a certain level of cells of the damaged nerve. This is a major boon for patients that suffer peripheral nerve damage.

4. Cardiac disease –

Tesamorelin helps in avoiding CVD in HIV patients by reducing cholesterol. This is considered to be very crucial for HIV patients. Apart from being a solution for lipodystrophy, tesamorelin also contributes to HIV treatment in this way.

This is an injection that is still having a lot of research and development going on. As the developers are progressing with the research they are finding many more benefits of the same. Although this injection has some side effects, but the overall response has been outstanding. It has already proven to be a good solution in HIV as well as nerve damage. The developers who are working on this peptide are hopeful that this injection will prove to be a boon in the coming future for treating many other medical conditions.