The 4 Best Dice Drinking Games That You Can Play At Parties

Looking for some ways to spice up your party? Or want to people to loosen up? If that’s the case, congratulations because you have visited the right place.

In this post, we’ve compiled some dice drinking games that are certain to spice things up and get the party started. No worries as these games are very easy to play. All you need is fun-loving persons, a pair of dice, and of course, don’t forget the drinks.

Let’s get started!

  1. Bloody Hell

In this game, you will only need one die. Roll the die. Then the first player needs to match that number, by rolling the same number or rolling 2-3 times that will add up to that. Every player will get up to 3 rolls. If you do not make it, you need to take a drink.

  1. Yahtzee

It is a classic poker-style dice game that is also fun to play. However, you can make it more challenging, by making it a drinking game.

Playing Yahtzee is pretty easy. When a person rolls a 1, he/she needs to take a drink. However, if one rolls four-of-a-kind, he/she needs to take that number of drinks. For example, if the player rolls four 6s, he/she must take 6 drinks. But if the player rolls Yahtzee, he/she can tell other players to finish his or her drink.

Either way, with this game you can add rules as many as you can.

  1. Cho Han

It is a Japanese dice game that only needs two dice and two persons. As a matter of fact, it’s usually seen in Yakuza movies.

In this game, one player will roll the two six-sided dice and hide the result from the remaining player. The other player will take a bet on whether the result is Han (odd) or Cho (even). By the way, add the two dice to get the result. Then the roller will show the dice.

To make this game a drinking game, if the player doesn’t give the correct answer, he/she needs to take a drink. To make the game more challenging and interesting, the bettor can bet more drinks before revealing the result.

For instance, if you’re the better, you can say if the result is even you will take a drink, but if odd, the roller will take the consequence.

  1. 1-2-3

In this game, you will only need three players and a pair of dice. Before starting the game, the players need to agree on the maximum amount that can be spent on the drinks that’ll be purchased.

The first player to roll a 6 will pick the drinks to be purchased, second player to roll a 6 will buy the drink, and the last player to roll a six will take the drink.

There you have it the four best dice drinking games that you can play at parties, at home, local bars, or anywhere you want, but you need to be responsible. Before you start any game, make sure to understand the rules.