The Basics of Staged Car Accidents in San Diego

It is not rare for motorcycle accident lawyers in San Diego to receive cases related to staged accidents. A large number of accidents take place in San Diego on a daily basis, but it is a fact that not all of them actual. Some of them are staged too. Staged accidents are the ones that are purposefully instigated to make a fraudulent insurance claim or to file a counterfeit personal injury claim. Experienced car accident lawyers in San Diego are quickly able to identify a staged car accident and save their client from making a false compensation.

Signs of a Staged Accident

Staged accidents are often insurance frauds in which the driver intentionally crashes into something and then making a claim based on their injury and vehicle damage. For instance, if your truck was involved in an accident and someone filed a claim against you, then experienced truck accident lawyers in San Diego will first of all look for signs of a staged accident. These signs include fake injuries, fake crash, fake victim, fake witnesses, and even fake accident report. Perpetrators often try to file their claim based on these signs, and their main intention is just to make money.

Here are a few other signs that indicate the possibilities of a staged accident:

  • If the driver in your front is hitting the brakes repeatedly or making sudden turns or stops, then they must be trying to make a collision intentionally.
  • Most of the fraudulent cases are claimed on the basis of a whiplash injury, because this injury cannot be proven and it also does not show up in an X-ray.
  • If a witness suddenly comes up at the accident site and starts telling lies regarding the accident circumstances to blame you for it, then there are high chances that the witness is their person only and they are trying to prove that the accident was due to your fault.
  • Those who try to deliberately stage and accident usually have entire teams of scammers. As soon as the accident takes place, many witnesses suddenly appear and start blaming you for the accident.
  • Many people emerge from the vehicle and claim multiple injuries. The suspicion of fraud intensifies when you were actually driving at a low speed and there was very little damage done to the vehicle.
  • In case of a staged accident, someone on the accident site may suggest you to get in touch with a particular doctor or lawyer, who is actually a part of their own fraud team.

If you recently got involved in an accident in San Diego and if you suspect that it might be a staged accident, then it’s best to get in touch with Nakase Law Firm now. They are experts in the field of law and are experts at identifying staged accidents just by looking at the evidences. They may also help you in gathering evidences and answering queries if you have. Book an appointment with them now and let them evaluate your case.