The best ways to move furniture

The first way: move the furniture yourself

This happens when you start asking for help from your friends and colleagues to participate in moving furniture with you because it takes a great effort that you cannot do on your own.

Start things that you do not use regularly such as the dining room or office, and stick to packing each of these pieces so that they are not scratched in the process of downloading and using cartons, large boxes and old fabrics.

After that, start downloading winter clothes if you are in the summer, for example, or vice versa, this saves you time after that.

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Moving kitchen items, for example, and children’s toys all in one day to empty a large amount of space.

In the new home, you have to implement the opposite of the previous theory, as you have to start with the big, complex rooms in the beginning and then simple things, then the simplest, and start with the season clothes.

You must follow the correct instructions in the process of carrying heavy furniture, taking into account your safety and security.

The second way: the use of furniture transport companies

If you cannot do the first way, which is to move your furniture yourself, then you have to move to the second method, which is resorting to one of the furniture transport companies that do this task simply for the money that relieves you from the trouble of transporting because it is they who bear all transportation responsibilities and bear the losses if any .

People prefer to deal with furniture moving companies because they are considered to have a broader experience in the field and you can do this work easier due to their use of the latest transportation and modern methods of transportation and because the transportation process in these companies goes through many stages until the furniture is installed again.

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We will list these stages for you in the following points

Furniture dismantling

We all know that the transfer process is a process that may seem complicated and tiring and requires a lot of time and effort, but it can turn into a somewhat simple process through the use of those who have experience in this field so that you can be assured of your furniture and your devices from the occurrence of anything that affects on her.

If you live in Saudi Arabia, especially the city of Riyadh, you are lucky to be close to adulthood as a furniture transport company in Riyadh with a high level of experience in that field that you can rely on.

Hence, it must be recognized that the process of dismantling and installing furniture is one of the basic stages that make the transfer process take place to the fullest extent, through which the customer guarantees the safety of the highest level of perfection, which is why Al-Rashed Company has taken care of my (dismantling-installation) process by:

It is considered one of the first stages of the process of moving furniture, and one of the most important is because at this stage large furniture pieces are converted into smaller parts and it is not possible for this stage to be specialized in that field. Top

Because the removal of furniture by a professional company to move the furniture is completely different from the removal of furniture by yourself or by unprofessional and unreliable people.

The jaw does not include the removal of wooden furniture, but all the things to be transported include electrical and glass appliances and many other things that may be complicated in the jaw a little and not professionally dismantling causes breakdowns when restarting or installing them again.

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Furniture Packaging

People move from home to home or employees from one company to another and need to transfer their furniture with utmost care and safety without breaking, scratching or deforming, and for this reason they seek the help of furniture moving companies to transfer the luggage and other things to be moved, and from here we address the issue of proper packaging of furniture that No less important than choosing furniture.

Begin by cutting the easy furniture into disassembling and installing

 The first and easiest process is for the company to start disassembling furniture or items that can be easily disassembled

 – Furniture transport companies provide covers for all types of furniture to be moved, whether simple and easy to dismantle or complex and heavy, because even if the furniture is easy to disassemble and does not take time or effort, it also requires the proper packaging that ensures access to the place to which it is transferred sound and not exposed For any damage.

This process may seem simple and does not require a transportation company to complete it, but the quality and speed is the advantage that Al Rashed provides to this step and makes it easier and faster.

: Avoid breakable glass pieces

Glass objects are subject to breakage faster than others, so it is advised to stay away from them at first, because it takes longer to move them, and very careful care.

Through proper packaging, glass objects can be preserved from breakage, and not only packaging, also safe and modern transportation methods through transport vehicles fully equipped for glass objects.

Make sure that there are packing objects

When people move from one place to another and take the decision to move their own bed themselves, they may not have the appropriate things that are used in the packaging process to preserve the furniture, so it is advised to use furniture transport companies because they have the best materials used in the furniture packaging process more professionally than others.

:Moving furniture

Furniture transportation companies in the world now use the best cars and cranes to move furniture from one place to another with the latest modern technology, and the best types of transportation cars that help in moving furniture quickly and safely.

When we refer to furniture companies that use the latest technology, we are talking about furniture transport companies in Saudi Arabia, especially Al-Rashed, which is a furniture transport company in Riyadh, which was able to implement the most modern technologies in the transportation process from transport methods and lifting methods that facilitate the transportation client and save him time .

Cars: Furniture transport companies take great care to ensure the safe arrival of furniture to customers in a safe way. If you own expensive furniture and fear it will be lost or damaged and losses, then you need guarantees to ensure its safe arrival. And companies that move furniture use a full fleet of cars equipped to receive all kinds of furniture when you move from one house to another and also transport cars equipped to transfer electrical appliances that need great care in moving it, it starts from the jaw and careful packaging and then storage in cars in the correct way that guarantees The customer has the safety of access to the equipment without being broken, without deformation or sabotage.

The matter is not only limited to isolation from one house to another, but it also includes the transfer of companies, as the furniture moving company can transfer all the furniture of companies from offices, devices and others according to the company’s activity, as well as laboratory tools and medical devices that need to be very accurate in dealing with them to ensure that they are delivered To the customer intact without any break.

 Cranes: There are companies ready to transfer any weight in the furniture simply because it is equipped with the best winches that can lift and download any weight and also can lift the furniture to high floors and contract with the best crane companies.

When studying the market in moving furniture, we found that the main problem facing those who carry out the transfer process is the lifting and lowering of heavy weight furniture that constitutes an obstacle for them in its size, and from this standpoint we provide cranes that do this process simply.