The climax of this web series is very surprising on aha

People have always been captivated by the actors or the storylines. Sometimes even they are amazed by the sheer amount of dedication put behind by the cast. They do their utmost best to bring the stories to life. The genres also influence the choices of people in selecting a movie to watch. In recent days as the world has developed, the Film industry also has. Films have started covering a broader spectrum of topics, with some of these topics covering very delicate and prominent social issues.

Many social problems are prevalent in society in the forms of traditions or norms or, even worse. Even if people are aware of it, they choose to be silent. Many of them might not even be aware of these social evils. What is even more harmful is that the ones suffering the most from these are the women. Films and web series are broadly covering such topics. It is quite a laudable effort. The influence of these movies affects the audience. It is commendable how these movies showcase these things with the utmost sincerity. With the advent of digital media, it has become even easier for movies and series to cover such broad topics.

Last year proved as a humongous challenge for the world. Watching movies in the theatre became a luxury for people. Every source of entertainment got interrupted. It was when the streaming platforms came to the front. It became easy for people to enjoy watching movies and stream web series. It also led to the emergence of regional OTT, which focused on streaming Indian Movies and Indian web series online. One of the regional OTTs which became popular was Aha OTT. The service focused on streaming-only Telugu content. One of the best series that got streamed on the platform recently was Sin. It talks about the problem of toxic masculinity that exists in this country.


Naveen Medaram has brilliantly directed this Romantic web series. The series stars Thiruveer Reddy, Deepti Sati, Jennifer Piccinato, and many more. The cinematography has been done wonderfully by Sid Jay and Azeem Mohammad. The music for the series has been composed by Sadasivuni Sidharth. The series has a total of 7 episodes. It got released on the streaming platform on 25 March 2020.

The story follows the life of Anand(Thiruveer Reddy), who works in the social welfare department. At first, it seems like he’s a man with a good nature and mannerisms. Gradually, his wild and perverted side comes out. His parents arrange his marriage with Nandita(Deepti Sati). A normal girl with a turbulent life has to let go of her childhood lover and accept her parents’ demands. After the marriage, she tries to resist her husband’s sexual advances, who doesn’t understand the meaning of consent. Her pleas fall to the deaf ears of her mother as well as the mother-in-law. Gradually, she comes to know of her husband’s extramarital affair with his colleague Nina(Jennifer Piccinato). The story unfolds, and what shocks us the most is the ending of the series. Subscribe to the Aha OTT service and Sin web series online. Stream other Telugu hits for free only on aha.