The culture of internship persisting in Australia

All the young determined Australians didn’t always get to empowered by the existing economy in Australia. At present, young teens are facing a major of being unemployed (at a rate of 11.3%, which is more than the rate encountered nationally approx 5%).

Major researches have shown the latest update that only a population of 50% of the age group of 25 years old stand in the category of full-time employed, irrespective of the fact that it is the generation of the most learned and skilled ones. More than a percentage of 50% of this age group hold a qualification at the post-schooling level. It concludes that all the qualifications (educational) such as a studentship, degree, or apprenticeship doesn’t stand as a guarantee for the fellows being transferred in a well-secured work running over the full-time period. The Australian economy does not always empower young Australians. Currently, young people face an unemployment rate of 11.3%, more than double the national rate of approximately 5%.

In the concerned matter, RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) also took participation and states that all the qualification availed at a tertiary level are not necessary for leading to a secure job in the intersecting landscape of employment. Moreover, a certain increment at the educational level among young teens is a factor resulting in the reduction of secure work or job opportunities on a full-time basis.

How can a young teen guarantee secure job for full-time?

After reading the article, a major question arising in the mind of readers would be – What will become a guarantee for securing a full-time job if educational qualification at the tertiary level is not able to? Continue with the article to learn your answer.

With economic growth, employment has become an increasing issue. With such an increment, internship culture has risen all over the Australian culture. Recently, the Federal Department of Employment came up with a report stating that a population of more than 50% of 3500 participants standing in the age group of 18 to 29 years avails the unpaid jobs.

Mostly, it is found that the employees are accepting unpaid work or internships ardently. It is believed by the young minds that unpaid work is the key to full-time secure jobs.

Is it good to take an internship program?

Every person wants to establish more skills for securing a full-time job. It is not necessary that only paid internship comes with experience and skills. If you’re availing an unpaid internship, then also the chances of raising up in terms of knowledge and experience are high.

For a real work environment, it is always an intelligent choice to choose an internship plan. All the costs or expenses incurring during the internship period depend upon the program length. For adding some value to your resume, it is the best thing to mention the internship programs undertaken. With the reference letter of the internship plan, it is possible for you to increase the value of your resume for your future career. During the end period of the internship plan, it is good to take a recommendation letter which can be used in the future.