The Different Options Available For Corrective Lenses

You visited your eye doctor and have been told that you need to wear glasses. Prepare to be bombarded with an array of choices when it comes to prescription eye wear!

Depending on the type of issues you have been told you have with your eyesight, you will have two main eyeglasses options to choose from; If you have been told that you are extremely farsighted or nearsighted, you may need prescription glasses that need to be word at all times. If you have been told that you have age-related nearsightedness that makes it hard to read the newspaper or see things close-up, you may only need reading glasses that are only worn when needed.

Once it’s determined what type of corrective lenses you need, you will than have another array of choices available to you, especially when it comes to prescription lenses.

When it comes to reading glasses, the choice is not as hard. These glasses can usually be bought anywhere where sunglasses are sold such as grocery stores, department stores and drug stores. There is no prescription required and they are usually very affordable. Depending on where you shop, there will be a variety of sizes, styles and colors to choose from.

Prescription glasses tend to be a bit more complicated. The first thing you should do once you find out that you need prescription eyeglasses is to do some research and shop around to get a feeling for what is available. Read up on the different types of glasses that are on the market and read reviews from users to determine if that type if right for you. Go to physical stores in your city or town that sell eyeglasses and browse the shelves for anything that is appealing. Speak with the staff to get an idea of what is best for you and get prices on the ones that stick out. Depending on your face shape and size and how strong your prescription is, certain glasses may not be suitable for you.

Once you have have an idea what store you would like to deal with and what your needs are in terms of glasses, you will need to decide what type are best for your needs based on things such as your daily activities, your style and your prescription.

The first option we will discuss is classic glasses. These glasses come in various styles, colors and sizes. They are simply prescription eyeglasses with basic frames and lenses to help you see better.

Another type of eye ware is tinted glasses or sunglasses. These may be used as your second pair for when you are outside or driving during the day. If you are particularly sensitive to sunlight, these are pretty much a necessity. Usually, you will need a slightly bigger than normal frame for tinted lenses simply because it tends to look better. There are a number of different colors and degrees of tint available.

When it comes to popular eyeglasses options, transition lenses are are great for people who change from regular glasses to tinted glasses frequently. These glasses feature lenses that change with the amount of light in the environment. In other words, a darker tint appears when the user enters a bright environment and the tint disappears when they enter a darker environment.

Another option for people needing corrective lenses are contact lenses. Contact lenses are a great replacement for bulky eyeglasses but should be used alongside eyeglasses. In other words, it’s a good idea to invest in both if you are a person who doesn’t like the idea of wearing glasses. That way, you can wear the glasses around the house and wear the contacts when you go out.

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