The Instagram Popularity Went to the Next Level with This Important Step


The self-obsessed teen sensation is going to be happier about what is going to happen soon. The most popular photos and videos-sharing website have already seen tremendous footfalls ever since its launch back in 2010. 

With millions of downloads flashing all across Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, the statistics of posting media stuff daily will take you to a whole new level of likes-freak people. Sit and wonder why this hype is at all still alive, you will only find one answer – the lust of getting more and more likes. Visit Fameoninsta website to get more information.

That is why you can know even buy Instagram likes from trusted websites to get your game ahead of others. However, note that even after Mark Zuckerberg bought the whole of Instagram, yet the tech remained as primitive as it always was. 

What Is The Next Level That We Are Talking About?

Do you know what resolution pictures can one user upload to Instagram? Well, maybe you don’t care as long as you can post stuff and get likes, but the case is different for others. Instagram had provisions for posting media, which will get compressed into 640×640 pixels once you upload it. 

So, no matter whether your picture had an FHD or a QHD resolution, it will start flowing with the same tiny resolution chain with others. Now, what Instagram did finally is that changed their algorithm, and here you go. After five years of excellence, they finally took a huge step by bringing in 1080×1080 pixels

You could have checked out their source code to know that every single image posted would turn to 640x640p as soon as the uploading completed. Even after the change, you would still get to see 640x640p images if you do not know the secret trick.

How Can You Toggle To 1080p Pictures?

Well, there is a secret trick or a way that most users will not get on their own because Instagram is continuing to show you the same tiny resolution pictures even after taking the big step. So, what does happen when you post a picture? 

Well, the picture uploaded to Instagram is of 1080p resolution, but when you view it, you still get to see the reduced version. For getting the original 1080p one, you need to open one of your posted pictures in web view mode and then search for .jpg in the source code. 

The first one that you get is the bigger version, and this is how things have changed. However, some users still complained about not getting hi-res pictures. One thing that Instagram made sure is that the feature is surely going to roll out, and this problem might stop. You can buy Instagram likes to gain in more popularity.