The Modern Evolution of Travel Technology – From Manual to Digital

When we speak of modern technology and how it has digitalized almost everything surrounding us, traveling is not a subject that is left unaffected from the realms and reigns of gradual technological development. Apparently, the improvement in technology and the digitalization of modern gadgets have affected the way people travel.

According to a recent survey, by 2030, almost 9 billion people will travel and take almost 2 billion international tours. One of the main reasons for traveling from the figure will be corporate traveling. Traveling for the sake of business is becoming quite popular as entrepreneurs seek new and more beneficial opportunities to generate positive figures in their financial sheets as well as manage to expand their business across a global platform. This is one of the reasons top corporate travel agencies are managing to pull off a good business and income ratio.

Anyway, regardless of the reason for traveling, it is evident that technology is certainly changing the way we travel. Modern tech gadgets and appliances are certainly changing the way people commute. Not only does a modern man get to travel faster than how he did before but it has also enabled people to travel more often. Not only has this but gadgets allowed us to travel with complete entertainment.

Impact of Travel Tech on Modern Journeys

These are some of the most significant technical changes that have had an impact on the way we travel:

1. No More Language Barriers

Gone are the days when all we needed was a local language translator that was usually arranged by some of the top corporate travel agencies across the globe or a pocket translator book. Indeed the evolution of technology has made traveling across the world much easier and it has reduced the hassle of carrying the excessive weight of books or the extra cost of hiring a translator or opting for a language course.

The biggest requirement now is a mobile and the times of struggle while connecting with local people stop with the use of easy and extremely accurate applications such as Google Translate or iTranslate. Google’s software Read also allows you to read signs or menus in real-time on your smartphone camera. However, applications such as Duolingo allow you to practice or develop the language you already acquire, without spending money on lessons.

2. Chatbots and 24/7 Assistance

When we talk about chatbots, we speak about AI, instant response and most importantly 24/7 availability. Chatbots have ensured people that whenever they need a service, it is available for them in a jiffy and there is no delay or wait to grab a certain product or service before or even during travel.

A few decades ago, people used to visit their nearest places or hit the phone in times when the staff was present to grab tickets or accommodation opportunities or hotel rooms before traveling to a certain location.

This hassle has been demolished by the development of chatbots – the perfect travel partner for any business or leisure traveler. Chatbots are available at almost every single website that allows you to communicate with a human agent or let’s say an AI-infused bot who knows how to provide you answer for basic queries and guide you through the entire process of the services you are looking forward to.

So, without the hassle of calling or visiting the offices, you can get all the services and also the mandatory help in case of any inconvenience. However, you need to make sure that the forms are filled correctly from your end and the questioning is relevant.

3. E-Payments on their Way to Reduce Thefts

For tourists traveling to a completely new place where they are completely unaware of the area, getting robbed is completely normal. From pickpockets to snatchers, these petty crimes are almost present in every place in this world. However, technology has resolved this major issue which usually results in a loss of cash in hand or credit cards.

Electronic payment methods like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or the famous Google Wallet are much faster and convenient than carrying money in hand. Go completely cashless and never worry about waiting in line for an ATM cash withdrawal or the stress of having your payment robbed in a completely unfamiliar place.

4. Save Environment While Travelling

Environment damage is probably one of the most viciously trending but important issues of the present era. With vehicles and automobiles becoming more fuel-efficient as well as environmentally sound, tech development is also playing its part in allowing people to reduce waste and become more ecofriendly.

The days when it was compulsory to print reservations and ticketing was important are gone. With mobile/email verifications as well as e-ticketing, people can save a hefty sum of paper which ultimately goes to waste.

Not only does this ensure that it is good for the environment, but it also reduces the hassle of carrying multiple documents and files.

5. Providing a Unique Travelling Experience

In the modern world, all those people look for their uniqueness. Whether you intend to go on a corporate trip for better business opportunities or merely for a more personal trip, every travel must be unique and worth the time, effort and money being put into it.

We can say that people are on a soul-satisfying hunt to have an experience of a lifetime. Here is where technology plays a part. With personalized plans and trips available over the internet to all the information, reviews and how to reach a particular place have definitely made life easier and people are just a few clicks away from planning their dream trip.

Has Modern Technology Changed the Way People Travel?

Yes, it certainly has!

With less hassle and more productivity, we can say that technology does have an impact on how to run things and it certainly has affected the way people travel. Turning the world into a global village has indeed brought opportunities for many people around the world willing to connect with each other.