The Most Perfect Options for the Sports Betting Deals

The recipe for the best sports betting does not exist. Betting must be taken seriously, some math skills and a stable psyche are needed. You will not be able to earn a yacht, but earning above average is quite possible. Bets will take all your time, that is, more than an 8-hour work day at the office. You will not have days off, because the rounds of football championships are played. And during the top tournaments you will have to sit in front of the monitors for 14 hours a day. With the 먹튀사이트 you can have the best options now.

It has collected in one place a list of the most popular misconceptions of inexperienced bettors who are just starting their way in the bookmaker business.

You can win fast and much

Not at once. Bookmakers for decades have honed their skills in calculating odds and building the most accurate lines. The best bettors in the world use complex mathematical models, collect insider information and analyze advanced statistics to find errors in bookmaker quotes, but even they cannot guarantee that there will be so many goals, goals or aces in a particular match. Their goal is profit at a distance, and under the distance it implies several thousand bets.

This is especially pronounced in football a low-performance sport, where the course of the game and the result may depend on one micro-moment a rebound, accidental hand touch of the ball in the box or a crazy kick from 35 meters. Of course, if you have an endless supply of luck, then you can immediately make large bets without much pre-match analysis, but why, if there is a casino for such lucky ones?

  • The only way to consistently make money on bets is to find your niche where there is an advantage over the betting line and work in it, strictly observing the rules of bankroll management.

You can earn a lot by making a couple of dozen bets per month

A small turnover and big profit are not about bets. If we talk about a distance of at least 1000 bets, then even the most powerful betters will have an advantage over the bookmaker in the region of 10%. This means that for every 100 units invested there will be a return of 110 units. Usually the numbers are much worse in the region of 3-5% overweight, depending on the margin.

Competent bankroll management is a key parameter for a successful bidder, and according to all the rules, the rate for one event should not exceed 5%, and usually is in the region of 3%.

We will carry out small mathematical calculations. Suppose one bet is made per day we get 30 bets per month, i.e. in total, if we talk about flat (fixed rate), 90% of the bank will be delivered. With an advantage over the bookmaker of 5%, we will earn 4.5% of the starting bank per month not so much. Do not forget that 5% of the advantage is the result of a strong middle peasant in betting, and for beginners everything is much worse.