The Patent Medications You Should be Looking for

A hard capsule or “hard capsule” consists of two parts with a hemispherical bottom, the head and the body, which fit together. They are generally used for drugs or food supplements to be taken orally with an unpleasant smell or taste. The same applies to certain active ingredients sensitive to light. There are eight different sizes graded from 5 (11.1 mm) to 000 (26 mm) and in different colors which are not chosen at random. Indeed, according to the work of Professor Max Lüscher, the color of the capsules influences the setting. So the red capsules are rather reserved for everything related to circulation, the blue for digestion and the green for breathing. With the iherb 口罩 you can expect the best medicare solutions.

What are they made of?

The capsule shell may be of vegetable or animal origin, based on beef or pork gelatin. With the mad cow scandal, the laboratories then developed gelatin-based capsules from the skin of fish, of 100% natural origin. And in recent years there have also been capsules of plant origin (or HPMC capsule) widely used for food supplements. They are made from cellulose from the bark of certain trees (pine, cotton, etc.) transformed by chemical solvents. More suited to the vegetarian lifestyle, there are also husks made from pullulan, a polysaccharide resulting from the natural fermentation of starch by a fungus without the use of chemicals. All our capsules are of marine or vegetable origin.

What about soft capsules?

Besides hard-shell capsules, there are also soft capsules very popular for absorbing certain oils or semi-liquids constituting certain food supplements. Unlike “classic” capsules, soft capsules have a unique envelope which contains the product and protects it. This flexible envelope, made of gelatin (fish or beef) disintegrates quickly. In a few minutes the active substances are found in the stomach.

What are the benefits of the capsules?

Swallowing a tablet can sometimes be very unpleasant when the product is bitter or tastes bad. Thanks to the capsules, this kind of inconvenience is completely masked. This is the same thing in case of bad smell of the substance which “disappears” inside the capsule. The capsules also make it possible to preserve certain active ingredients which are particularly sensitive to oxygen, light or water. The capsules are perfectly suited to food supplements and guarantee optimal dosing precision. Some of them (gastroresistant or enterosoluble forms) even have the particularity of not dissolving in the stomach and of releasing its assets only at the level of the intestine. In addition, practically all forms of active ingredients (powder, granules, liquids, pastes, etc.) can be incorporated into capsules or capsules. Go for the iherb shipping canada for free in this case.

Precautions for use

Our esophagus is not very humidified, the capsules can adhere to it and cause discomfort or pain. This is especially true in people who make little saliva. We therefore recommend that you always swallow them with a glass of water.

For the little story

We even use the capsules to film certain parts of our body. Nothing complicated! A micro camera and a light source are inserted into a capsule that the patient swallows. Once the envelope is dissolved, the camera travels through the digestive tract and is eliminated by natural means after about eight hours!