The Pros and Cons of Recycled Packaging Boxes

Are you thinking about buying recycled packaging boxes? Before you do, it can be a good idea to carefully weigh upthe pros and cons.This articlewill detail the good and the bad when it comes to recycled boxes, allowing you to make up your own mind as to whether you want to invest in them for your business.

The Pros of Recycled Packaging Boxes

There are many pros of using recycled packaging boxes, including:

Saving Trees

Trees – and forests – are the lifeblood of our planet. Every year, more and more rainforests are burnt to make way for farmland and other human activities. Cutting down trees to make cardboard and paper products is an area in which humans can act more responsibly as a species. By buying recycled packaging boxes, you’ll be doing your bit to save trees from waste and ruin.

Looking After the Environment

When you do your bit to save trees, you’re also looking after all the other flora and fauna on the face of the earth. As every part of the world is interconnected from a biological standpoint, so is your every action impacting on the fate of the planet. And it’s not just koalas who need trees – after all, we also need them to photosynthesise and create oxygen to breathe. Buying recycled packaging boxes is an easy way to look after the planet.

Creating Less Waste

Humans can be a wasteful species, but by using recycled packaging boxes,you can do the right thing and reduce the amount of waste you create in your business, lowering your carbon footprint. If every business sought to create less waste, it could revolutionise the world.

The Cons of Recycled Packaging Boxes

There are also a few cons of using recycled packaging boxes, including:

Need Special Packaging Tapes

It’s very important that when you buy recycled packaging boxes, you also purchase packaging tape that’s compatible with the boxes. Some recycled packaging boxes have a certain texture on the outside that doesn’t stick well with some varieties of packaging tape. But once you have this sorted out, you’re good to go, and the right pairing of box and tape will provide secure packaging for your items.

Some May Not Be As Strong

If the items that you post or send by courier are very heavy, then you’ll need to find out what the carry weight is for your recycled packaging boxes. As the wood pulp has been reused, it could be that recycled packaging boxes may not be as strong as first-hand packaging boxes. Ensure you make no assumptions, and find out from the provider what the safe carry weight is for your recycled packaging boxes.

May Be Recognised As Being Recycled

Often recycled packaging boxes may feature a recycled symbol on it, or they may be a different colour or texture than first-hand boxes. It’s worth thinking about the branding of your business, and whether this aligns with a stance on using recycled packaging boxes. Although what might at first be a drawbackcan be turned into a selling point if your business wants to present an eco-conscious image.