The Right Deals for Essential Choices in Free Streaming


In principle, anyone can stream from their smartphone to any platform. The quality will of course be then, but if you have a smartphone, it can be done for free. You can therefore easily test different means in your streams for very few bucks, and thus also get an idea of ​​the effect of your streams.

Proper preparation produces results

It is easy to make a small live stream setup, but the really good results come only when the footwork is done properly. We can help with the marketing preparation up to your streams using advanced targeting methods, and following your streams we make sure that the content reaches the right people on the right platforms. With the smartcric live streaming  you can find the best choices now.

Need more camera angles, overlays, or maybe a TV studio?

If you know you need a larger setup with more cameras, screen sharing or perhaps wireless microphones, for example, we have both the equipment and the crew to assist your live streams.

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What is live streaming and when is it obvious?

  • A live stream is an audiovisual recording that is broadcast live over the Internet. There are both open and closed live streams where the difference is that an open live stream is available to everyone, while a closed live stream is only available to a limited group.
  • Live streaming is clearly a phenomenon of expansion, you see more and more companies taking advantage of the opportunity to live stream. There is quite a difference in how companies live stream. Likewise, there is also a big difference in how much success the various companies have with their live streams.
  • It is almost only the imagination that limits what and when you can live stream. However, it is especially popular to live stream in connection with relatively large here-and-now events. Examples of obvious live stream events could be: Lectures, events, lectures, concerts and courses.

There has been much talk in recent years about the world becoming less and less due to technological advances, which have facilitated long-distance communication, among other things, and you can say that the expansion within the live stream further contributes to the world becoming even smaller. Because live streaming gives everyone the opportunity to reach an audience that is not physically close to the live streaming event.